Integrating Multiple Traditions

A Talking Circle in Anishinaabe Tradition
With Monica McWhirter
Saturday 27 January 2024
Approximately 2-3 hours

We live in a linear world, where most of us are asked to choose one path at a time and to follow it to a definitive end. We are asked to do this with our schooling, our careers, our relationships, our faiths and our societal beliefs. But what if we feel called by more than one path - or many - and what happens when we are faced with contradictory messages?

According to the Indigenous teachings of Peru we are being called to a point of meeting ourselves again known as the Taripaypacha, where humanity reaches the 4th level of potential for being human. Here, we are able to see and experience all things cosmically, globally, enabling us to serve from a place of being consciously aligned with the Universe. One of the criteria that characterizes a 4th level human is the ability to fully embrace and embody two or more traditions in our heart, without question, conflict, or resistance; perhaps Buddhism and Judaism, Christianity and Andean Cosmology, shamanic earth-based healing and Western medicine. Have you done this? Are you working on it? How has it changed your life, your commitments, and the way you view the world?

Talking Circles are a place to address topics of importance within a community, and to listen and learn from one another in the traditional way of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. We hope that you will join us to learn from and be inspired by others.

This talking circle will be facilitated by Monica McWhirter who is Algonquin, Metis and Polish, Bear and Buffalo Clan. Monica has facilitated Talking Circles and Healing Circles for over a decade. We are proud to have her serving as the Indigenous Liaison for Shamans Directory.

Chi Miigwetch!
All are welcome.

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