There are numerous international directories for finding a therapist, a naturopath, a medical doctor, or professionals from a variety of other healing modalities. We believe that it is time for the field of shamanism and energy medicine to be honored and elevated in the same way. At Shamans Directory people everywhere can find and book an appointment with a shamanic healer like you would do with any other healing professional.
Winds Of Spirit

In Winds of Spirit, shamanic healer, podcaster and Shamans Directory Member Renee Baribeau honors and celebrates the invisible and most elusive of our core elements as she explores the rich mythology and cultural significance of wind.

Shaman Portal

At Shamans Directory we invite all tribes and nations, teachers, trainings, and platforms to join together around one fire so that we may offer our collective medicine to the world. This month we are honored to welcome Shaman Portal, a great "Elder platform" to the fire! Founded in 2007, Shaman Portal is a constant and overflowing resource for all things shamanic.

Challenge Yourself For A Better Life

Shamans Directory Ambassador Ahamkara is a traditional and highly respected Siberian shaman and healer from the Altai mountains of Russia. His knowledge has been directly acquired from Siberian indigenous peoples. For the past 20 years he has been offering a variety of teaching programs to individuals and groups at his healing center Zhivo in the Siberian forest and in various countries across Europe.

A Story of Curandera Wilma Pinedo

Wilma Pinedo is a medicine woman, Shaman, Curandera, representing Apu Pachatusan outside of Cusco, Peru to the Northeast. She shared her story with Loren Wheeler on a day when she took a small group to offer ceremony on her home mountain.

The Nepalese Shamanic Path

In this comprehensive, experiential guide to the ancient spiritual traditions of Nepal, Evelyn C. Rysdyk and Shamans Directory Ambassador Bhola Nath Banstola offer step-by-step instructions for authentic Himalayan shamanic practices.

Microdosing with Ayahuasca

“Ayahuasca En Microdosis” is a powerful immersive tool for personal, professional and spiritual growth. With over 30 years of extensive experience in working with master plants and psychedelics, Frontier Institute for Psychedelic Studies, based in Spain, works with the therapeutic integration model of psychochamanis, where participants are professionally guided to accelerate on their healing path.

Foundations of Andean Mysticism

Discover the Andean Mystical Arts with Juan and Ivan Ñuñez del Prado. Andean Mysticism is a path of personal power and conscious evolution. The Paqos, Andean energy masters from the high Andes, have passed down this powerful yet graceful energy tradition over generations, and they have freely and lovingly shared this tradition with anyone who comes to them with an open heart.

Shamanic Awakening

Designated a 'dream decoder' by her North American teachers, Shamanic Awakening by Sandra Corcoran is filled with dreams that foretold and informed her journey, and offers inspiration for anyone who wants to better understand how our dreams can support and  guide us throughout our waking lives.

Shamanic Energy Medicine

As a medical anthropologist who studied the shamanic energy medicine practices of the Amazon and Andes firsthand for more than 25 years, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Founder of the Four Winds Society, says that humans are actually one of three species on the planet that do not have death programmed in their DNA. As perplexing as this may sound, scientific research on the drivers of aging continues to vindicate DNA breakdown as the main culprit.

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