There are numerous international directories for finding a therapist, a naturopath, a medical doctor, or professionals from a variety of other healing modalities. We believe that it is time for the field of shamanism and energy medicine to be honored and elevated in the same way. At Shamans Directory people everywhere can find and book an appointment with a shamanic healer like you would do with any other healing professional.
20 Day Cacao Challenge

Did you know that "cacao ceremony" is not a part of ancestral Maya tradition? It’s true. In The Mayan Wisdom Project’s 20-Day Cacao Challenge, you will learn how to connect with this sacred medicine in a truly authentic way. You will explore the depths of this ancient practice and the different Maya energies.

Womb Practitioner Training

Do you feel passionate about helping women to reclaim their authentic sacred feminine connection? Then you may be ready to step into a powerful new role as a authentic feminine teacher and facilitator. Diana Beaulieu, Shamans Directory Ambassador and founder of Sacred Woman Awakening, invites you to become an inspirational leader in the new feminine revolution, Sacred Womb Awakening.

Peruvian Healing Practices & Sacred Ceremonial Service

In the upcoming 'Peruvian Healing Practices & Sacred Ceremonial Service' immersion program, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to work closely with Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, a beloved Shift faculty and lineage carrier, along with a team of guest faculty and elders to receive wisdom transmissions, hone your specific spiritual gifts, and serving others.

Awakening The Lights Of The Ñustas

Shamans Directory Ambassador Luis Alejo Mango, the Paqos from Serena Anchanchu, and Shamans Directory founding member Mayumi Beckers invite you to step into this extraordinary moment, and join them on this journey to honor the sacred feminine. Our great Mother Earth, and the powerful goddesses known as the Ñustas, assist us in personal, collective and planetary healing. Let us come together in ceremony at powerful sacred sites from the Inca and pre-Inca times to work with the light vibrations from Pachamama and the Ñusta goddesses to envision a world of harmony, equilibrium, love, peace, and unity.

Working With The Elemental Spirits

Nepali Shamanism and the Dhami-Jhankri lineages have existed for thousands of years, closely protecting their wisdom and practices and the purity of their relationship with the Elements and the Spirits. Now, we can all benefit from their teachings and apply their powerful rituals in our own lives, thanks to the immense generosity of Shamans Directory Ambassador and renowned lineage keeper Bhola Banstola.

Introduction To Shamanic Windwork®

Shamanic WindWork guides you from the linear path to a genuine alignment with the rhythmic cycles of nature. This transformative livestream workshop is your initiation into this ancient wisdom. Leading you in this online workshop is Shamans Directory Ambassador Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman. Through offering shamanic wind wisdom, Renee will teach you how to uncover the strength in perceiving each day, each lunar phase, and each year, as distinct in the continuum of life's cycles.

New And Full Moon Rituals

American author of African and African-diaspora spiritual cultures and an Ambassador to Shamans Directory, Yeye Teish is an Oshun priestess (Yoruba Goddess of Love and Sensuality) who has officiated over spiritual retreats, rituals, and workshops for more than forty years. She is a wisdom keeper of the Ifa spiritual practice, an affluent ritualist, keynote speaker, and spiritual advisor on a global scale.

Individual Sessions With Angaangaq

Shamans Directory Ambassador, Greenland Shaman, Traditional teacher and healer Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq is known for his authenticity, warmth, strength, and refreshing sense of humor. This is a very special opportunity meet Angaangaq personally online. You may bring any question or life issue that you have and Angaangaq will work with it individually in his way.

Hatun Karpay

Andean mystics and Shamans Directory Ambassadors Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado (father and son team) will be offering three sacred initiation journeys of the Hatun Karpay, known as the great initiation of the Inka, in August and September in the heart of the Andes in Peru. This is an opportunity for their students and teachers of the Kausaypuriy Mystical Andean traditions to deepen these teachings and practices.

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