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Welcome shamanic healers and teachers! We are honored that you have considered applying to become a part of our curated community of respected healers and teachers of living earth-based traditions from around the world. We are dedicated to elevating, preserving, and promoting all shamanic traditions from the ancient wisdom of Original Peoples to the evolving modern practices of their living lineages, and to accelerating the healing of humanity and the earth.

Shamans Directory offers easy access to shamanic earth-based healers and teachers so that anyone who is looking for information and connection can find it. We envision a luminous web of shamanic wisdom and medicine encircling the earth with each of us bringing healing wherever it is required. We are all the guardians of the future and we are creating that future today.

A world of clients is waiting
We hope that Shamans Directory will save many shamanic earth-based healers and teachers the time and energy that is needed to create or complement their own websites; enabling them to put their precious resources into offering and sharing their healing gifts with the world, rather than promoting them. There is a world of healing to be done, and a world of clients is waiting to find you.

As a member…

  • You will find support and unique offerings from within a warm and dedicated global community of shamanic earth-based healers and teachers.
  • You will receive invitations to attend and/or offer events, workshops, and ceremonies with healers from around the world.
  • You will have access to, and the ability to contribute to, our resource library and a calendar of global shamanic earth-based events.
  • Your profile will be visible and accessible through our platform, allowing you to use your energy for healing rather than promoting your healing practice.

Shamans Directory has created this site so that you do not have to create your own! If you already have a website, you are free to add it to your profile to double your exposure.

What makes us unique
Shamans Directory is an online global directory for shamanic earth-based services created for shamans, Original People and First Nation healers, and modern energy medicine practitioners with lineage-based training from around the world. We are an independent nonprofit organization, pending 501(c)3 status, dedicated to bringing ancient and timely healing wisdom to the world on a beautifully designed, professional, and easy-to-use platform.

Many healing modalities have international directories. We believe that it is time for shamanic earth-based wisdom and medicine to be honoured in the same way, so that people everywhere can have access to the healing that humanity needs. Whether your medicine is ancient or modern, from the East or the West, passed down to you by a grandmother or grandfather, a teacher, or a training program, all are invited to step into the dream.

Our purpose is threefold
I. For clients and the general public: Making shamanic earth-based healing a part of our everyday health practice and wellbeing routine. Offering easy access to a shamanic directory and spreading knowledge of lineage-based wisdom and medicine through interesting and inspirational resources and campaigns.

II. For healers and teachers: Showcasing offerings through the Directory. Providing a vibrant membership platform where First Nation and modern lineage-trained healers and teachers from around the world can share with one another, promote their teachings and trainings, nurture one another as part of a global community of shamanic practitioners, and offer healing to clients.

III. For humanity: Honoring, celebrating and preserving the First Nation, aboriginal, and lineage-based traditions of the world. Bringing the earth-based healers and teachers of the world together to create a sacred web of shamanic wisdom and medicine around the earth for the collective healing of all.

Your membership supports the global community
Receive this beautiful free gift with your contribution of $100 or more. This Shamans Directory dreamcatcher is lovingly handcrafted by Maasai women from Tanzania using authentic African glass beads. The excitement of ‘one fire, one medicine’ is already far reaching.

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Together we are powerful medicine.
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