Sacred Journey
With Serena Anchanchu Centre for Inca Shamanism
17-31 August 2024, Peru

We are living in remarkable transformative times of reawakening ourselves and restrengthening the Divine Feminine here on planet earth in order to restore our relationship with nature and all living things.

Shamans Directory Ambassador Luis Alejo Mango, the Paqos from Serena Anchanchu, and Shamans Directory founding member Mayumi Beckers invite you to step into this extraordinary moment, and join them on this journey to honor the sacred feminine. Our great Mother Earth, and the powerful goddesses known as the Ñustas, assist us in personal, collective and planetary healing. Let us come together in ceremony at powerful sacred sites from the Inca and pre-Inca times to work with the light vibrations from Pachamama and the Ñusta goddesses to envision a world of harmony, equilibrium, love, peace, and unity.

At the heart of our spiritual journey, you will receive the Ñusta Karpay initiations from the Paqos, mystical energy masters from the Andes. We will travel to magnificent sacred sites, connect with ancient energies, immersing ourselves fully in nature as we camp in the magical Andean landscape and commune with the mountains, the water spirits, and the star nations around the fire at night.

This will be a life-changing journey, expanding your knowledge of the Andean spiritual traditions, building a Ñusta Mesa medicine bundle, nourishing your soul, and discovering or deepening your medicine gifts to share them with the world. An option to travel to the Amazonian jungle prior to the Ñusta Journey is available. Space is limited. Please apply soon if you are interested.

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The Great Initiations of the Inka
With Don Juan and Don Ivan Nuñez del Prado
August and September 2024 in the Andes of Peru

Andean mystics and Shamans Directory Ambassadors Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado (father and son team) will be offering three sacred initiation journeys of the Hatun Karpay, known as the great initiation of the Inka, in August and September in the heart of the Andes in Peru. This is an opportunity for their students and teachers of the Kausaypuriy Mystical Andean traditions to deepen these teachings and practices. There will be three dedicated journeys covering the Phaña (the right side path), Chaupi (the central path), and Lloqe (the left side path), as well as the possibility to visit the sacred mountains of Ausangate and Qoylloriti.

The tradition covers the teachings of four celebrated Andean masters of the last generation, including Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Andres Espinosa, Don Melchor Desa and Tata Lorenzo, as passed on to Juan Nuñez del Prado. This is an invitation to those who have studied the Andean traditions to take this next step and ‘to walk this sacred land with the living energies.'

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More courses in Andean Energy Medicine with Juan and Ivan:

20-27 April, Ventura CA, USA

22 June - 01 July, Greece

With Don Gino Chaka-Runa
Sacred Valley, Peru
23 Feb - 05 March 2024 

Plant Medicine Dietas are an ancestral practice where Medicine Master Plants are consumed in ancient Ritual Ceremonies to cleanse and heal at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

At Chaka-Runa, Plant Medicines and other Native Sacred Medicines, such as Mapacho, Rapé, Kambo, and Sananga are used to assist participants in diving into the deeper layers of the self in order to release blockages, stimulate each person’s innate healing energy, and connect with their truest selves, and Source.

If you are seeking to dive deeply into your Medicine work, this experience is a great way to get the best results from the healing and awakening process. Those who have participated in Chaka-Runa Dietas describe them as one of the most powerful, deep, and truthful experiences of their lives.

All Dietas are guided by Shamans Directory Ambassador Don Gino Chaka-Runa through ancient, sacred practices and authentic icaros from the Shipibo, Andean and Mestizo traditions from Peru; celebrating life, love, and the healing power of Mother Nature. Icaros and medicine songs are performed live during each ceremony.

In addition to group integration, where participants are encouraged to support one another as a community, each person also gets personalized care and attention from Don Gino's experienced team at all times throughout the experience. Chaka-Runa’s mission is to offer you a safe, tailored Plant Medicine experience specially designed to bring real transformation into your life.

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7 Days Retreats in the Kalahari Desert
With John Lockley, African Shaman
18-28 February or 03-11 March 2024

Shamans Directory friend and shamanic colleague, John Lockley, is a traditionally trained Sangoma who brings the rhythms of African shamanism to life. With song, dance and drumming he creates a spirit-filled atmosphere in which to honor our ancestors and exchange blessings between the worlds.

John is one of the first white men, in recent history, to become a fully initiated Sangoma in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa. His journey as a shaman is about reconciliation and helping to heal the past. He does not intend to bring Xhosa or South African shamanic culture to the West as such, but rather to use its essence, the techniques of prayer, dream work and connection to nature, to help people connect with their own ancestors and spiritual traditions.

You are invited to take part in a trip of a lifetime to Ancient Africa. To walk in the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta, and to learn Indigenous African technologies for conserving our wilderness. On this sacred journey you will commune with your ancestors and nature. You will track animals on foot and discover how to connect with your visions and dreams in one of the wildest places left on earth.

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