By Sandra Ingerman
Published 02 July 2024

In the depths of darkness, we often find our truest light. Not by escaping our shadows, but by walking through them with courage, purpose, and love — Sandra Ingerman

In Polishing the Path of the Soul, renowned teacher Sandra Ingerman offers a step-by-step guide for journeying through the dark night of the soul, illuminating how to reweave our destiny, foster forgiveness, and awaken our inner resilience. This audio resource is infused with thought and care, inviting us to walk with her for 10+ hours, and reminding us that even in our most difficult moments we are not bound to the shadows.

Sandra speaks with gentle compassion as she shares shamanic rituals, practical techniques, and invaluable guidance to help us move out of darkness and back into the light, so we may reconnect with the sacred flow of life that awaits us. Whether we are grieving the loss of a loved one, navigating the end of a relationship, or coping with an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction with life, these teachings have a way of nurturing us with a powerful healing elixir, one that fosters wisdom and brings us hope when we need it most.

Sandra will be also teaching a webinar entitled Tools For Working Through Initiations And Dark Times, hosted by Shamans Portal on 17 July 2024.

The release date for her book is 02 July 2024.

Money Pouring and Burden Burning Rituals
With Yeye Luisah Teish
Online Twice Monthly

​If you are called to weave indigenous wisdom into your sacred practice and personal rituals for everyday life, Yeye Luisah Teish's New and Full Moon Rituals are a great place to start.

American author of African and African-diaspora spiritual cultures and an Ambassador to Shamans Directory, Yeye Teish is an Oshun priestess (Yoruba Goddess of Love and Sensuality) who has officiated over spiritual retreats, rituals, and workshops for more than forty years. She is a wisdom keeper of the Ifa spiritual practice, an affluent ritualist, keynote speaker, and spiritual advisor on a global scale.

Yeye Teish offers in-depth courses exploring the Universal Principles found in the Indigenous rituals of all the world’s cultures, designing sacred spaces, consulting oracles, interpreting symbols, making effective charms, and conducting rituals, all with a special emphasis on the traditions of the African Diaspora.

Registration for her offerings is easy through Patreon. When you sign up for Tier 2 you will be invited to attend both the Money Pouring ritual for the new moon and the Burden Burning ritual for the full moon each month. Calling in abundance and releasing the things that no longer serve you are game changers for manifesting the life we deserve.

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Individual Sessions by Appointment
With Greenland Shaman Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq
28-30 March 2024

“The responsibility of a shaman is to lift up your spirit, to help you to find your inner balance, and finally to come home inside yourself.” – Angaangaq

Shamans Directory Ambassador, Greenland Shaman, Traditional teacher and healer Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq is known for his authenticity, warmth, strength, and refreshing sense of humor.

Dedicated to melting the hearts of humanity through sharing the Indigenous traditions of the Far North, Angaangaq does this through storytelling, teachings, ceremonies and chanting – often with the qilaut (wind drum), and sharing his vast experience as a shaman.

Greenland is the only part of the world where there has never been war. The stories and teachings of this very old, wise and peaceful culture convey a special strength and inspiration for life in a circle and in harmony with nature. This is a very special opportunity meet Angaangaq personally online. You may bring any question or life issue that you have and Angaangaq will work with it individually in his way. All sessions are in English.

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Full Day Webinar
With Veda Austin and Patricia Awyan
16 March 2024 US, UK, EU / 17 March 2024 NZT, AUS 

According to science, Earth's water has been in existence for 4.5 billion years. We are discovering more and more evidence that this ‘far from simple’ liquid stores vast amounts of information, like a record keeper. If there is any substance in our world that could teach us about our true history, it would be water. Water was the ice in the ice age, water was the great flood.

In this 8 hour webinar Shamans Directory Ambassador Veda Austin will establish the science behind her work, before launching into a crystallographic journey of ancient history. She will discuss pyramids, and their relationship with water, and share incredible ice imagery relating to various ancient civilizations.

She is delighted to have the amazing Patricia Awyan as a guest speaker. Patricia is symbologist, researcher, writer and explorer. She has lived in Egypt for more than 15 years and devotes much of her time to the research of ancient symbolism and mythologies worldwide.

Veda can’t have an ancient mysteries talk without discussing Atlantis and Lemuria, ancient aliens, merpeople, crop circles, Antarctica, the Bermuda Triangle, crystals, time travel and more. And she has a couple of surprise speakers too!

Her last Ancient Mysteries webinar sold out faster than any of her other events, and is to date her most requested topic.

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Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life
Webinar with Meg Beeler 

22 February 2024

The people of the High Andes live from a cosmovision where stars and rivers, stones and mountains inform their daily lives. Join Shamans Directory Member Meg Beeler to discover, from this time tested tradition, how to lift heaviness from your heart and open to the beauty and harmony of our interconnected world.

In this webinar you will learn potent, embodied practices and explore practical strategies for shifting your energy and awareness. Content will include: releasing what does not serve you, filling yourself with the light of the cosmos and your own essence, and connecting with all that is. You will discover a lifeline to your heart, alignment, and joy. Learning to cleanse, shift, and uplift your energy on a daily basis will help you find fluidity in the face of complexity and despair.

Exploring the four pillars of intent, reciprocity, receptivity, and resonance, you will be guided on a journey into the great web and river of Being and learn how to shine your light through the turning over of the world during these times of great change.

Join Meg on a journey of re-enchantment with nature, expanded perception, and connection. The heart of the universe awaits you.

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