A Course in Cultural Competence
With Gabrielle Russell at Coursera
Begins when you registerAb·o·rig·i·nal, adjective: inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists; indigenous. — Oxford Language Dictionary

Most of the modern world is built on lands that were once inhabited by Aboriginal or Indigenous Communities. Some of these original communities have disappeared altogether, many have been displaced from their native lands, while others have remained in place, experiencing varying degrees of marginalization as the colonists' reality expanded around them.

The cost of human life, culture, and earth-based wisdom traditions that have connected us to one another and to all of life for millennia is immeasurable. To begin to understand these hidden and marginalized narratives and experiences it is necessary to develop cultural competence capabilities.

Key elements of practicing cultural competence include being able to understand and interrogate context, which in this curriculum includes, learning about the peoples, places and histories of Aboriginal Sydney as well as understanding issues around how knowledge is created and how dominant narratives can exclude diverse knowledges and experiences.

At the heart of this online course is the theme that Sovereignty was never ceded and Sydney always was and always will be Aboriginal Land. Despite this, the Aboriginal presence in the city is often invisible to non-Aboriginal eyes. This course aims to bring to light marginalized narratives of Aboriginal presence in this space.

By Sandra Ingerman
Published 02 July 2024

In the depths of darkness, we often find our truest light. Not by escaping our shadows, but by walking through them with courage, purpose, and love — Sandra Ingerman

In Polishing the Path of the Soul, renowned teacher Sandra Ingerman offers a step-by-step guide for journeying through the dark night of the soul, illuminating how to reweave our destiny, foster forgiveness, and awaken our inner resilience. This audio resource is infused with thought and care, inviting us to walk with her for 10+ hours, and reminding us that even in our most difficult moments we are not bound to the shadows.

Sandra speaks with gentle compassion as she shares shamanic rituals, practical techniques, and invaluable guidance to help us move out of darkness and back into the light, so we may reconnect with the sacred flow of life that awaits us. Whether we are grieving the loss of a loved one, navigating the end of a relationship, or coping with an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction with life, these teachings have a way of nurturing us with a powerful healing elixir, one that fosters wisdom and brings us hope when we need it most.

Sandra will be also teaching a webinar entitled Tools For Working Through Initiations And Dark Times, hosted by Shamans Portal on 17 July 2024.

The release date for her book is 02 July 2024.

Twenty Days of Cacao, Connection, and Authentic Practice
With The Mayan Wisdom Project
Online Course
Begins 31 June 2024

Did you know that "cacao ceremony" is not a part of ancestral Maya tradition? It’s true.

Although cacao has been considered sacred to the Maya since ancient times, there has never been any such thing as a cacao ceremony. The reality is that this is a modern-day phenomenon, and although it can offer healing, it is being practiced around the world without acknowledging or learning from the Maya.

Cacao has the potential to heal, connect, and open our hearts to our true essence. For this reason and more, it is beneficial for all of us to incorporate cacao into our daily routine. To do this, it is important to acknowledge certain key factors. The most crucial aspect is to respect those who hold the wisdom and knowledge of the cacao tradition, as they have inherited it. To establish a proper practice with cacao, it is essential to trace its origins and understand its roots.

In The Mayan Wisdom Project’s 20-Day Cacao Challenge, you will learn how to connect with this sacred medicine in a truly authentic way. You will explore the depths of this ancient practice and the different Maya energies.

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Embracing Nature’s Cyclical Wisdom
With Renee Baribeau
Hosted by The College of Psychic Studies
Wednesday 03 April 2024

Shamanic WindWork guides you from the linear path to a genuine alignment with the rhythmic cycles of nature. This transformative livestream workshop is your initiation into this ancient wisdom. Leading you in this online workshop is Shamans Directory Ambassador Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman. Through offering shamanic wind wisdom, Renee will teach you how to uncover the strength in perceiving each day, each lunar phase, and each year, as distinct in the continuum of life's cycles.

You will learn to: Synchronize with the cardinal winds to unlock your shamanic potential. Understand and apply wind vocabulary for daily insights. Call upon the wind for help, guidance, and support. Erect a living altar, anchoring your spiritual endeavors. Experience elemental techniques such as wind breath, wind walk, and wind baths to assimilate daily teachings and meditate on personal evolution. Learn basic tools for navigating life with the ancestral wisdom of the winds.

Join Renee and immerse yourself in the foundational principles of Shamanic WindWork and find out about her subsequent offering called “Wind Knots for Abundance & Prosperity: Navigating Change with Ancient Wisdom”, a workshop to weave prosperity into your life through the ancient art of tying knots.

We are living in remarkable transformative times of reawakening ourselves and restrengthening the Divine Feminine here on planet earth in order to restore our relationship with nature and all living things.

Shamans Directory Ambassador Luis Alejo Mango, the Paqos from Serena Anchanchu, and Shamans Directory founding member Mayumi Beckers invite you to step into this extraordinary moment, and join them on this journey to honor the sacred feminine. Our great Mother Earth, and the powerful goddesses known as the Ñustas, assist us in personal, collective and planetary healing. Let us come together in ceremony at powerful sacred sites from the Inca and pre-Inca times to work with the light vibrations from Pachamama and the Ñusta goddesses to envision a world of harmony, equilibrium, love, peace, and unity.

At the heart of our spiritual journey, you will receive the Ñusta Karpay initiations from the Paqos, mystical energy masters from the Andes. We will travel to magnificent sacred sites, connecting with ancient energies and immersing ourselves fully in nature as we camp in the magical Andean landscape. connecting with the mountains, the water spirits, and the star nations around the fire at night.

This will be a life-changing journey, expanding your knowledge of the Andean spiritual traditions, building a Ñusta Mesa medicine bundle, nourishing your soul, and discovering or deepening your medicine gifts to share them with the world. An option to travel to the Amazonian jungle prior to the Ñusta Journey is available. Space is limited. Please apply soon if you are interested.

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One Year Course in Siberian Shamanism
With Ahamkara
Beginning 24 February 2024

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to choose to immerse yourself in the world of shamanism and shamanic healing.Shamans Directory Ambassador and Member Ahamkara is a shaman from the Altai region of Siberia. For over 20 years he has been practicing shamanism as he was taught directly from Siberian indigenous peoples, hereditary shamans. All of his classes are aimed at improving health, personal development and finding one’s path.

Ahamkara is a knowledgeable and generous teacher who brings warmth, humor and modern day practicality to his teachings. In addition to his expertise in communing with the world of Spirit and dream work, he is also well versed in working with plants and herbalism and the human body systems, including potential pathologies and remedies.

His courses are highly interactive, encouraging students to ask questions and share their experiences with one another. To date, more than 600 people have been trained in his school of shamanism.

In this year long course you will:

Discover how to rid yourself and others of suffering, disease and addiction. Learn rituals and trance for connecting and receiving information from the spirit world. Travel in the subtle body of dreams in time and space. Purify the internal organs using the body of dreams. Build good relations with relatives through the purification of family ties. Clear personal and family karma. Determine your purpose and assist others to find theirs using shamanic astrology. Access an infinite source of energy and inspiration Find inner harmony, joy and self-confidence. And much more!

Ahamkara lives in Siberia with his wife and two children. He spends his summers at Zhivo, a healing center that he created in the Siberian forest, where he offers teaching and healing, and in winter he travels, offering seminars in various countries in Europe.

Beluga Whales, Shamanic Art, and More
With Imelda Almqvist

Shamans Directory Ambassador Imelda Almqvist is an international teacher of Sacred Art and Seiðr/Old Norse Traditions, an author, and a painter. This month we warmly invite you to check out her training and course offerings for 2024-2025, as well as her Substack page where she posts beautiful essays on a variety of shamanic subjects twice a week. These include Old Norse Traditions, Sacred Art, and shamanic perspectives on the contemporary issues that we are all facing.

One of her recent articles called “Beluga Wale” talks about animal communication and the teachings that she receives in her dreams. She divides her dreams into three categories: composting dreams (processing everyday experiences), dreams of personal significance (pointers for inner work), and dreams of larger or collective significance (which she often turns into paintings, essays and classes).

One such dream of global significance, was about tuning into a dream of a Beluga Whale that was swimming in solitude in the coastal waters of the Shetland Islands. In the dream she grew a whale tail herself, swimming along with the animal, and communicating images telepathically. The message she received from the Beluga Whale was that there is currently so much upheaval, grief and pain in the world of human beings, that this is distorting the energetic field which we share with animals and all non-human beings. These imbalances in the human realm are affecting the song lines (or ancient dreaming tracks) followed by the animals. It pulls them off the track of their natural movements and migration pathways and disturbs their peace of mind. It also pulls them closer because of their concern for us as human beings.

Imelda’s work is always an invitation to connect more intimately with the natural world around us. She has a special connection to both Beluga Whales and the Arctic and will be teaching a sacred art course in Greenland later this year. Read more about her articles and upcoming courses here.

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Puma Fredy Quispe Songona
With the Noqan Kani Team

Shamans Directory Ambassador Puma Fredy Quispe Singona and his Noqan Kani Team are offering new classes and programs to share their beautiful wisdom and medicine from the Andes.

Pachamamanchis Hampi Sachakuna — Plant-healers, children of Pachamama 
For millennia, our ancestors have learned how to connect, call on, and commune with the plant spirits for powerful healing and harmony with Pachamama. The plant realms are divine children of Pachamama – they are conscious spirits manifested here to assist, guide and bless life on this planet. Along our journey with our sacred plant spirits, the Hampi Sachakuna, we will learn how to call on these powerful spirits and to access their miraculous healing potential for ourselves and our global community.

Chaska Qoyllor Qhawarina — Journeying with our cosmic family 
Our ancestors have always looked to the stars to honor the sacredness of the cosmos. We are the reflection of life in the sky, everything happening in the macro-cosmos above is a direct parallel to the micro-cosmos below. On this journey with the constellations, we will re-discover our own light and connection with the divine heavens. With the guidance and blessing of our cosmic masters of light, we will learn to connect with the star constellations of Orion, the Pleiades, the Southern Cross, and the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

Pukara Mesa — A year long manifestation journey 
Discover the awe-inspiring Pukara Mesa, a profound teaching from the vibrant Rainbow Lineage. Join Puma on this captivating journey to connect with powerful Pukara masters, delving deeply into their rich history. During this program you will immerse yourself in the essence of Apus, Ñustas, and the mystical realms of animal spirits, stellar connections, and the wisdom of our ancestry. You will discover the potent rituals that hold the key to manifesting your aspirations throughout this year.

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An Introduction to Andean Foundations
With Christina Allen and the Austin Shamanic Center
14 January 2024 (course begins 20 January)

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Member Christina Allen is the Founder of the Austin Shamanic Center (ASC), an online school that teaches the Andean Healing Arts to students all over the world. These are the teachings that Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado curated from their three main Andean teachers. They are also the teachings Joan Parisi Wilcox references in her book Master’s of the Living Energy. At ASC Christina puts these teachings into the context of healing from trauma and finding constructive, self-empowering ways of walking on the earth.

The Andean Healing Arts are a living body of knowledge. They are a practice that can be used for many applications. Christina brings these teachings through in their traditional form and infuses them with her deep understanding of physics, psychology, and neuroscience. While these teachings are the path of the traditional paqo, from parents to CEO's this wisdom applies to anyone wanting to improve their relationships with self, nature and with others.

The Andean Foundations Course is a sacred journey with definitive steps, so it is important to set aside the time to dive in completely. The energy of creation is everywhere. You don't need to retreat to a sacred mountain top or use plant medicine to achieve a higher state of consciousness, you just need to see the value of carving out some sacred time for yourself.

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The Art of Shamanic Palm Reading
With Itzhak Beery
Begins October 07, 2023

Shamanic palm reading is an ancient practice that interprets the lines, skin condition, texture and color of the palms as well as the shape and length of the fingers and nails. It reveals much about our life purpose and key personality traits.

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Member Itzhak Beery has read the palms of thousands of clients around the world over the past 23 years. In this 3-part online workshop, he will share the basics of shamanic palm reading, including  wisdom will help you find or deepen your life purpose, and understand your key characteristics, gifts, and challenges.

In just three sessions you will learn: Palm reading from the Shamanic point-of-view, the 4 types of palm (earth, fire, water, and air), the Luminaries: the sun and moon mounds (feminine and masculine), fingers archetype (communication, emotion, logic, authority, and overall life vitality), left vs. right hand (our soul imprints & daily action), life events and trauma, how soul purpose is revealed in your palm, and more!

Those who understand the essentials of shamanic palm reading can gain important insights for themselves, and can also guide others on their path of self-knowledge and healing. It is one of the most important diagnostic and counseling techniques that the shamans of the Andes use to help their clients navigate emotional difficulties and decision-making.

Mental-health practitioners, healers, and those wishing to better understand their family and friends will benefit. There are no prerequisites for this course. All are welcome.

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Training in Andean Mysticism
With Juan and Ivan Ñuñez del Prado
Begins October 07, 2023

Andean Mysticism is a path of personal power and conscious evolution. The Paqos, Andean energy masters from the high Andes, have passed down this powerful yet graceful energy tradition over generations, and they have freely and lovingly shared this tradition with anyone who comes to them with an open heart.

The Andean Path is an earth-honoring tradition grounded in the belief that the world is made of ‘living energy.’ Andean mystics, Juan and Ivan Ñuñez del Prado (father and son) are offering live webinars of 17 sessions, providing the keys to step into a direct and personal experience of the world of living energies, a world previously relegated only to highly trained Mystics.

According to the Inka Prophecy, humanity is currently in transition from one level of consciousness to a higher one. By combining quantum physics, ancient energy techniques and modern psychology, Juan and Ivan offer a framework complete with structure and steps to walk a path of personal power in harmony with the universe based in energetic perception, enabling you to understand your personal experience ‘to walk with living energy.’

About Juan and Ivan
Juan Ñuñez del Prado and his son Ivan are Master teachers of Andean Cosmology. Juan is an Anthropologist and with his father, discovered the long lost Q'ero civilization in the 1950’s. Juan has studied directly with the Q'ero, and is a widely respected keeper of this ancient wisdom. Both father and son are passionate about teaching people to live more empowered lives. Their teachings are directly from direct experience with the Andean wisdom keepers.

Learn more about their upcoming trainings

With Renee Baribeau
Five Week Course
Begins October 04, 2023

Make the most of the remaining months of this year and achieve your goals. Join Shamans Directory Member Renee Baribeau and "Finish the Year Strong" with this course at WindWork®. Starting on October 4th, this program is designed to help you release resistance and bring your goals within reach. It provides proven, practical tools to build a strong foundation for spiritual growth and personal success.

In this course, you will learn to align with your inner wisdom, tap into the power of the wind, and overcome obstacles that have held you back. No more empty promises or confusing methods, this is a concrete, easy-to-understand approach to creating a life filled with joy, bounty, freedom, and success.

Don't miss out on this opportunity for positive change! Renee Baribeau, known as The Practical Shaman, is an esteemed spiritual leader and guide who has received the Nautilus gold award for her profound insights and wisdom in the field of shamanism and ancient practices for her beautiful Hay House book, Winds of Spirit.

All who register will receive a special gift of 32 Winds of Spirit cards in a handmade pouch from entrepreneurial women in Ghana (those outside of the USA will need to pay for shipping).

Secure your spot today and embark on a transformative journey!

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A Five Week Course
With Jay and Sweetie Bird
Mondays Beginning September 25, 2023
4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 1am CET

Shamans Directory Members Jay Bird (Aanimkii Giishigadoon) and his wife Sweetie (Ozawaa-Aanimkii-Binesikwe, Yellow Thunderbird Woman) will be offering traditional Ojibway Teachings throughout this 5-week course. This is the first time that these teachings will be offered outside of Ojibway communities.

Jay and Sweetie will be sharing the truth of the origin of the teachings, and teaching both cultural and spiritual practices for everyone. Some of what you will learn will include ceremony and practices from before colonization. You are invited to enroll in this course to build on your spiritual foundations, shift your life, deepen your relationship to the Earth and Spirit, and walk as a caretaker of Mother Earth.

During this course you will learn: Cultural Protocols on the original intent of what Spirit is asking us in this lifetime, Pipe Ceremony, Jiisakaan (Shake Tent) Teachings, Clan and naming - your name describes your clan and your clan describes your name, the role of a Traditional Practitioner (Medicine Person), and more.

Jay Bird is a Jiisikaan (Shake Tent) Conductor. He is Bear Clan and from the Batchewana First Nations of Ojibways, Sault Sainte Marie Ontario. When Jay was four years old he started attending ceremonies. He spent much of his youth in pursuit of excellence at the drum, attending powwows and connecting with Elders.

In 2010 the Batchewana First Nation Chief and council gifted him the Sacred Pipe that he now carries. Jay has embraced and furthered his gifts through years of study with Elders and now travels the US and Canada offering Traditional healing and teaching in both his and other communities. Jay Bird is known as a respected teacher and Elder.

Join him and Sweetie on this enlightening journey of embracing the wisdom of Ojibway traditions. All sessions will be recorded and available for review.

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Listen to Jay Bird share the story of Seven Clouds and his call to service as a healer

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