Teachings of Siberian Shamanism
With Ahamkara
Offerings for June 2023

Shamans Directory Ambassador Ahamkara is a traditional and highly respected Siberian shaman and healer from the Altai mountains of Russia. His knowledge has been directly acquired from Siberian indigenous peoples. For the past 20 years he has been offering a variety of teaching programs to individuals and groups at his healing center Zhivo in the Siberian forest and in various countries across Europe.

A devoted man and shaman, his life’s mission is to “wake up the sleeping healers of the world” to assist with the great transformation that is ahead of us! Ahamkara is a master of teaching the authentic, ancient, and holy knowledge of his people in a way that his students are able to readily apply them in their daily lives. If you are a student of global shamanic earth-based wisdom and the medicine of ancient Siberia is calling to you, we highly encourage you to check out his FREE offering to see if one of his trainings might be right for you.

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Discover the power of the Siberian Spirit Helpers in transforming your life. Call in Abundance with the Great Siberian Spirit of Umai. Create a vision for the future with Ulgen. Learn practical techniques for self healing including healing with a drum, shamanic meditations for getting rid of diseases, shamanic breathing exercises for healing, how to make offerings to the Spirits, and more.

Microdosing is the practice of consuming a very small amount of a masterplant, so that you will only experience very subtle "sub-perceptual” effects. This means that the effect is below your perception: you can work, study and fulfil the obligations of your day to day life, while gradually raising your level of consciousness.

“Ayahuasca En Microdosis” is a seven week immersive online workshop, offering a powerful tool for personal, professional and spiritual growth. With over 30 years of extensive experience in working with master plants and psychedelics, Frontier Institute for Psychedelic Studies, based in Spain, works with the therapeutic integration model of psychochamanis, where participants are professionally guided to accelerate on their healing path.

Participants will learn the basics of microdosing and proper protocols for finding their own ideal dosage. Information about the Amazonian cosmovision and the traditional use of ayahuasca will be offered. Every week will include exercises and psycho-shamanic techniques that act as amplifiers of consciousness, deepening the transformative potential of the masterplant. An essential part of this journey will be weekly Zoom meetings to learn and share with the tribe, connecting with a community of people who are going through the same process.

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About Frontier Institute
The Frontier Institute was created with the purpose of generating a space for dialogue, advocacy, and engagement in pursuit of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicinal plants. They are committed to promoting the link between the ceremonial use of sacred plants and psychedelic science, and to creating a discipline where medicinal and other psychedelic plants are preserved, protected and valued as part of our cultural identity and integrated into our social, legal and healthcare systems. They envision a world in which Western and ancestral wisdom converge to revitalize humanity with peace and respect for diversity through cross-cultural bridges of understanding.

About Your Facilitators
Claudio Kutzwor has dedicated his life to the practices of Indigenous Medicines, ancestral wisdom, and psychotherapy for over 30 years. He is one of the pioneers of bringing the traditional work of masterplants from the Amazon to the Western world. He is a founding member of the Hermanosis Association, which has respectfully held and facilitated ceremonial space with masterplants in more than 15 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Mariela Lijtmaer is a Humanistic Therapist, synthesizing Gestalt Therapy, Integrative Psychotherapy, Enneagram, and Systemic Therapy. She has studied Amazonian medicine since 2010 and is a specialist in therapeutic integration with psychedelics. She works closely with individuals and groups to integrate the powerful experiences of sacred plant ceremonies into their daily lives.

Discover the Andean Mystical Arts with Juan and Ivan Ñuñez del Prado

Andean Mysticism is a path of personal power and conscious evolution. The Paqos, Andean energy masters from the high Andes, have passed down this powerful yet graceful energy tradition over generations, and they have freely and lovingly shared this tradition with anyone who comes to them with an open heart.

The Andean Path is an earth-honoring tradition grounded in the belief that the world is made of ‘living energy.’ Andean mystics, Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado (father and son team) are offering three workshops in a sequence, providing the keys to step into a direct and personal experience of the world of living energies, a world previously relegated only to highly trained Mystics.

By combining quantum physics, ancient energy techniques and modern psychology, Juan and Ivan offer a framework complete with structure and steps to walk a path of personal power in harmony with the universe based in energetic perception, enabling you to understand your personal experience ‘to walk with living energy.’

The tradition covers the teachings of two lineages, the Inkari and Waskar lineages, as passed on to Juan Nuñez del Prado from three celebrated masters of the last generation: don Benito Qoriwaman, don Andres Espinosa, and don Melchor Desa, covering the teachings of the Phaña energy (the right side path), the Chaupy energy (the central path), and the Lloque energy (the left side path) of the Andean Path respectively.

According to the Inka Prophecy, humanity is currently in transition from one level of consciousness to a higher one. This course provides complete training in moving to these heightened states of perception; a training that offers a combination of theoretical and experiential practices which were passed in a long lineage of mystics to Juan and Ivan.

About Juan and Ivan
Juan Ñuñez del Prado and his son Ivan are Master teachers of Andean Cosmology. Juan is an Anthropologist and with his father, discovered the long lost Qero civilization in the 1950’s. Juan studied directly with the Qero, and he is one of the few living keepers of this ancient wisdom. Both father and son are passionate about teaching people to live more empowered lives. Their teachings are directly from direct experience with the Andean wisdom keepers.

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Online Course with The Shift Network
With Medical Anthropologist and Shaman Dr. Alberto Villoldo

As a medical anthropologist who studied the shamanic energy medicine practices of the Amazon and Andes firsthand for more than 25 years, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Founder of the Four Winds Society, says that humans are actually one of three species on the planet that do not have death programmed in their DNA. As perplexing as this may sound, scientific research on the drivers of aging continues to vindicate DNA breakdown as the main culprit.

All of this speaks to what Alberto learned while training with Inka medicine men and women, and the discoveries of the shamans who lived more than 5,000 years ago; we can switch on and off the genes that create health and disease.

During this captivating course with Alberto, you will explore the medicine that today’s scientists refer to as the master regulator of longevity, and the ancient Indigenous technologies that transform the body, heal the soul, and can change the way we live and die. Alberto will also share the transformative power of shamanic dreaming, shaping the collective dream we are all in, and how we can wake up inside the dream to consciously live and co-create.

Discover penetrating insights from the intersection of neuroscience, quantum physics, and ancient Andean practices, which converge on a path to longevity and a new Earth heralded by a new kind of shaman, the neuro-shaman. Experience the energetic clearing of fire ceremonies with a respected shaman initiated into ancient paths of healing and illumination.

This is an invitation to let go of these destructive old ways and embrace a new way of being within and in the world.

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Online Course with The Shift Network
With Shamanic Teacher Roel Crabbé

We are not only the children of our Ancestors, we are the Ancestors for future generations, regardless of whether we have children. We are part of the Ancestral River, and we are being called to bring forward the gifts that are in our soul and help uplift humanity. - Roel Crabbé

As these times of great challenge continue, spiritual seekers are determined to embrace this era as a time of profound innovation and transformation. We are heeding the call to rise, and to step into our position as part of the great lineage of ancestors.

According to Shamans Directory Ambassador and shamanic teacher Roel Crabbé, you came to this world with profound gifts and blessings to bring to these times. Within you, right this moment, you have the power and resources to tap into new layers of your soul, and bring deep healing to your life, your health, and your soul’s path. You can ignite these gifts that reside in your soul, ultimately using them to transform your life and your relationships with yourself, your family, the collective, and our beloved Earth.

The Ancestral Wisdom Keepers, compassionate healers from both the past and the future, hold the answers, and this pivotal moment in our world is the perfect time to connect with them. In this course Roel will leads you through a shamanic healing journey carried by ancestral songs, providing guidance for your life that you can apply right away; he sings each ancestral healing song only once as he receives it directly from his connection to the spirit world.

He will share how you can step into your new way of being by receiving profound guidance, empowerment, and healing from the ancestral field. A shamanic practitioner and teacher for more than 25 years, Roel is known for his authentic, deeply practical, and compassionate approach to shamanism.

Join him and learn how these intense times can be a catalyst for bringing profound healing to your life with guidance and wisdom from the Ancestors and future generations.

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Online Certification with Aya Healing Retreats
With Atira Tan and Elio Geusa
March 31-May 21, 2023

Ayahuasca can evoke direct, but long-suppressed memories of trauma. It can also trigger emotional states and visions of horror and pain that are not direct recollections, but emotional imprints of trauma. - Dr. Gabor Maté

Working with the Sacred Plant Medicines and Ayahuasca can present with enormous psycho-spiritual challenges. Many come to heal and process traumatic experiences through the plant medicines, however, very few plant medicine facilitators, support workers, and integration therapists have training in the foundation and neuroscience of trauma approaches, and most do not know how to respond effectively to the various trauma imprints that arise before, during and after the ceremonial space.

It requires a great deal of courage, experience, and bravery to navigate skillfully through the process, and, unfortunately, many are trauma survivors themselves, who do not have the inner resilience or the skills to do so. Similarly, Plant Medicine and Ayahuasca facilitators can also feel overwhelmed with a lack of resources and a grounded understanding of what to do when various trauma imprints arise, which could be harmful and neglectful to participants.

As Plant Medicine facilitators, we have an ethical duty of both responsibility and care to the participant’s health and wellbeing, both before, during, and after the ceremonial experience. In doing so, it is fundamental to up-skill our understanding of trauma and the nervous system, and learning the best practices to respond effectively to the signs and symptoms of trauma when it arises.

This program is for individuals who are interested in, or are currently facilitating healing spaces with the sacred indigenous and plant medicines. This may include Ayahuasca, Bufo, Kambo, Ibogaine, Wachuma (San Pedro Cactus), and Psilocybin. Individuals who are currently working, or interested in plant medicine integration work, as well as facilitation assistants, will also benefit from this workshop.

This 8 day Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Program will be conducted in three modules which can be purchased as a package or separately. Participants who finish the entire program will be presented with a certificate by AYA Healing Retreats.

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Seasonal holidays, a new calendar year, and the changing seasons, inspire people across the world to look for unique and meaningful ways to be in ceremony and offer gratitude. Whether you are looking to create something completely new, or integrate a fresh aspect into an already existing tradition, The Book of Ceremony, by shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman is a beautiful resource for creating ceremonies that are infused with meaning and joy.

Filled with inspiring shamanic stories, insights and direction for setting intentions, choosing the space, and preparing ceremonial items, The Book of Ceremony offers a flexible framework for stepping out of our day-to-day routines and creating ceremonies for any occasion. Sandra’s expert guidance for including the natural world, the ancestral spirits, and the infinite creative energy of the divine, inspires a space where magic can happen.

Of all the shamanic teachers and practitioners I have worked with or had on my radio show, Sandra is the most authentic, grounded and ego-less teacher I have ever encountered. Her ability to translate ancient indigenous and shamanic wisdom into lay language makes it accessible to anyone who is looking for personal and spiritual growth. — Michael Stone, Well of Light, Radio Host of KVMR’s Conversations

About Sandra Ingerman
Sandra Ingerman is a world renowned teacher of shamanism, recognized for making ancient healing methods practical, and accessible to our modern world. Sandra is passionate about helping people to reconnect with nature and is devoted to teaching people how we can work together to bring about positive change for the planet. She has been teaching internationally on shamanic healing and journeying for more than 30 years.

Study with Sandra Ingerman
Shamanic Journeying and Healing in Community
The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying
The Ancient Practice of Shamanic Journeying 

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With Ahamkara, Altai Shaman
Beginning February 21, 2023

6-Month Online Course

For centuries and across all cultures it is known that the navel is the center of the body. In Russian language, the root of the word for `life` is the same as that of the `belly.` Massage of the navel area, source of vitality, creates an improved blood flow for more life energy (chi). In your belly all is processed: thoughts, emotions, food.

Every organ has its own character, function and emotion. Congested organs are often the cause of tension in other parts of the body. With body massage, joints and muscles regain their original suppleness and stress dissolves throughout the entire body.

Organ healing from the Altai Mountains of Russia is a type of soft pressure massage that is effective to treat many things including: digestive problems, migraines, autoimmune diseases such as Crohn`s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, fatigue, depression, trauma and detoxification.

This education provides you with a strong basis for physical health, emotional balance and spiritual growth, in particular with massage, but also with easy stretches, shamanic journeys and thorough knowledge of the organs. Tension and pain can trace to the appropriate overloaded organ. You master in effective treatment methods for healing of internal organs and the congested parts of the body.

About Ahamkara
Shamans Directory Ambassador Ahamkara is a gifted healer and teacher of Siberian indigenous earth-based wisdom. For over 20 years Ahamkara has offered a variety of shamanic teaching programs aimed at improving health, personal development and finding one’s authentic path in life. Ahamkara's knowledge has been directly acquired from Siberian indigenous peoples, ancestral shamans. He currently lives in Siberia with his family, his wife and two children. His summers are spent at Zhivo, his healing center in the Siberian forest, where he carries out his teaching and healing sessions. In winters he travels offering seminars in various countries in Europe.

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In August of 2022 the Wircocha Foundation opened a permanent home for the descendants of the Inka in the heart of their Ancestral Inka Capital of Cosqo (Cuzco City, Peru); the first ever Hatun Q'eros Cultural Healing Center!

The Q'ero Cultural Center is housed at the Casona Corrales, a beautiful hotel owned by Aldo & Roger Corrales, sons of Paucartambo and friends of Wiraqocha Foundation & the Q'ero. Located just one half block off Cusi Pata Square (Plaza Regocijo) in the Heart of Cusco City, the Q'ero offer healing sessions and have a store where you can see demonstrations and purchase their ancestral weaving arts.

Begun in 1949 when the Q'ero were first recognized as descendants of the Inka, to the first academic expedition in 1955, to the granting of their homeland land-rights back to the Q'ero in the 1960's, to the 1980's designation of Cusco as a World Heritage site, to the 1990's when the very first workshops on the Inka Mystical Tradition were taught, to 2011 when the Q'ero Nation was recognized as "the last Inka Village on earth," a Cultural Patrimony of Peru, the Wiracocha Foundation and Friends have been fighting for decades for the rights of the Q'ero and this moment!

After more than half a century of being overlooked, the Q'ero now stand tall in their own healing and weaving house in the heart of Cusco. Please support this nonprofit, charitable organization who are dedicated to preserving and sharing the Sacred Nature Wisdom of the Q’ero people of the Andes by visiting them in person or connecting with them online.

About Elizabeth B. Jenkins
Wiraqocha Foundation founder, Elizabeth B. Jenkins is a mom, an organic farmer, an MA and MFT, and a 35 year student of Inka Nature Wisdom Traditions held by the Q'ero Nation of Peru. She is an international best-selling author of three books and the founder of the Wiraqocha Foundation (1996). The Wiraqocha Foundation serves as the US umbrella organization for Willka Yachay — most successful in creating schools in Hatun Q’eros, heart of the Q'ero Nation. In 2010, Elizabeth led a Discovery Channel film crew to capture never-before-seen rituals in the mountain temples of Hatun Q'eros. In January 2021, she founded the Global Paqo School to employ the Q’ero Masters and aspiring youth during the pandemic. She also co-founded the Q'ero Wayruroni Association in order to better serve the Q'ero communities in Peru. She resides with her yanantin (one of a complementary pair) Barney, on her organic coffee and macadamia nut farm on the Big Island of Hawai`i where she collaborates with Native Hawaiian elders and the magical Volcanic Island forces of Nature.

Hear her interview Hatun Q’eros - A Lifetime of Devotion at our Shamans Directory Live Event, September 24th 2022.

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