The Five Elements and Shamanism in Nepal
Written by Bhola Nath Banstola

Nepali Shamanism and the Dhami-Jhankri lineages have existed for thousands of years, closely protecting their wisdom and practices and the purity of their relationship with the Elements and the Spirits. Now, we can all benefit from their teachings and apply their powerful rituals in our own lives, thanks to the immense generosity of Shamans Directory Ambassador and renowned lineage keeper Bhola Banstola.

Bhola is a rare example of authenticity. Not only is he a highly respected 27th generation Banstola family lineage shaman from Nepal, but he is also someone who has dedicated his life to preserving and to disseminating the precious Indigenous rituals and teachings from his homeland.
Readers will benefit hugely from his unique ability to convey these teachings to people from all cultures.

Published in January of this year, this book is filled with wisdom and guidance for you to use in creating your own powerful relationship with the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, and the Spirits who are invoked to support the practices. This book offers a truly rich shamanic experience and sustenance for your personal journey.

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Written by Renee Baribeau
Earth, Fire, Water … Air  

In Winds of Spirit, shamanic healer, podcaster and Shamans Directory Member Renee Baribeau honors and celebrates the invisible and most elusive of our core elements as she explores the rich mythology and cultural significance of wind.

The Wind Work™ is based on an ancient sacred technique used by farmers, shamans, and sailors. This system will show you how to navigate your personal path, and provide insight into how to connect with and manage the powerful wind energies that shift us toward authentic joy, power, and purpose. You will learn to connect with your true inner self (your spiritual magnetic north), use your body as a compass, receive life-changing messages from nature, and discover a powerful system to utilize the subtle, healing energies in your life.

Meet and learn to invoke wind deities, gods and goddesses from around the world, and the cardinal winds from the four quadrants of the sky, each of which relates to the inner landscape of your life: mind, emotions, body, and spirit. By working with the omnipresent winds in your life, you can restore harmony and balance, heal the body and inspire creativity.  Experiential practices include wind breath, wind bath, wind knots, and more!

Winner of the Nautilus Award and Body Mind Spirit President's Choice Award.

"Winds of Spirit is a fabulous book that will transform you into a lover of the wind. This is truly one of the best books I have read. It is inspiring and unique.” - Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval, The Book of Ceremony, and Walking in Light

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There are few areas in the world where shamanic traditions have been preserved in their original context and form. Nepal is one of these rare and special places. In the foothills of the Himalayas Nepalese shamans, known as dhamis or jhankris, are still consulted for healing and divination, as well as for providing comfort and maintaining harmony.

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015, shamanic teacher Evelyn Rysdyk and 27th-generation dhami Bhola Nath Banstola decided it was time to safeguard Nepalese shamanic knowledge for future generations by recording the practices in "The Nepalese Shamanic Path" ― and they have created a beautiful and meticulous offering.

In this comprehensive, experiential guide to the ancient spiritual traditions of Nepal, Evelyn C. Rysdyk and Shamans Directory Ambassador Bhola Nath Banstola offer step-by-step instructions for authentic Himalayan shamanic practices. From the magic of mantras and malas to advanced techniques for physical and spiritual healing and ceremony; readers journey to meet the Taras, the Nagas, and primary Deities, learn useful techniques for purification and clearing unwanted energies, discover exercises for meeting the ancestors in their own lineages, and practices for negotiating the spirit world safely.

Illustrated with photos and Evelyn Rysdyk’s artwork, the book also explores the history of Nepal, its culture and myths, including the ways Nepalese shamans still serve their communities. Written specifically to share the traditional Himalayan shamanic method with the Western world, this guide not only preserves these ancient teachings but also reveals how they are equally relevant today.

About the Authors
Evelyn C. Rysdyk is an internationally recognized shamanic healer, teacher, speaker, and author of Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power, Modern Shamanic Living, and A Spirit Walker’s Guide to Shamanic Tools. She is a founding member of True North Health Care and a presenter for international events such as the Global Shamanism Summit and the Year of Ceremony. She enjoys living and working on the coast of Maine.

Bhola Nath Banstola is a 27th generation Nepalese Shaman. He has spent decades preserving and sharing the shamanic traditions of the Himalayan area (Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet) In order to preserve these ancient traditions for the benefit of humanity and for future generations. Bhola holds experiential shamanic retreats, pilgrimages and teaching trips to Nepal and Tibet and cultural trips to Asia and participates in international conferences and seminars throughout the world.

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After weeks of profound grief following the loss of her young daughter, Sandra Corcoran found herself inexplicably at a life-changing workshop on indigenous teachings and energy healing. From the first glimpse of the light that called her to the workshop, she found herself at the beginning of a 30-year metaphysical journey within, initially to heal her grief and eventually leading her from the darkness into the light of her own soul’s evolution.

Sharing the core teachings of her many indigenous and esoteric mentors, including lessons in synchronicity, metaphysics, the extraordinary power of the heart, multi-dimensional realms, and energy healing, she takes readers on an adventure across continents through birth, death, ceremony, and ritual to renewal and the frontiers of expanded consciousness. She shows that no matter how far outside of the familiar we are led, we are guided back to ourselves and offered another opportunity to embrace our world and, ultimately, find our place in it.

Designated a 'dream decoder' by her North American teachers, Sandra's book is filled with dreams that foretold and informed her journey, and offers inspiration for anyone who wants to better understand how our dreams can support and  guide us throughout our waking lives!

About Sandra 
In addition to being the author of  Shamanic Awakening, Sandra Corcoran, M.Ed., is a therapeutic Thoth Tarot Reader, a trained integrative coach, a cross-cultural metaphysical teacher, a designated dream decoder, and an ART™ facilitator (Alchemical Regression Therapy). Her greatest delight is to bring passionate learners on yearly pilgrimages to experience the magic of Egypt, the wisdom of Peru, and the Magdalen and Black Madonna mysteries of France.

Hear her interview Dream Time at the Solstice at our Shamans Directory Live Event, December 11th 2022.

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Seasonal holidays, a new calendar year, and the changing seasons, inspire people across the world to look for unique and meaningful ways to be in ceremony and offer gratitude. Whether you are looking to create something completely new, or integrate a fresh aspect into an already existing tradition, The Book of Ceremony, by shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman is a beautiful resource for creating ceremonies that are infused with meaning and joy.

Filled with inspiring shamanic stories, insights and direction for setting intentions, choosing the space, and preparing ceremonial items, The Book of Ceremony offers a flexible framework for stepping out of our day-to-day routines and creating ceremonies for any occasion. Sandra’s expert guidance for including the natural world, the ancestral spirits, and the infinite creative energy of the divine, inspires a space where magic can happen.

Of all the shamanic teachers and practitioners I have worked with or had on my radio show, Sandra is the most authentic, grounded and ego-less teacher I have ever encountered. Her ability to translate ancient indigenous and shamanic wisdom into lay language makes it accessible to anyone who is looking for personal and spiritual growth. — Michael Stone, Well of Light, Radio Host of KVMR’s Conversations

About Sandra Ingerman
Sandra Ingerman is a world renowned teacher of shamanism, recognized for making ancient healing methods practical, and accessible to our modern world. Sandra is passionate about helping people to reconnect with nature and is devoted to teaching people how we can work together to bring about positive change for the planet. She has been teaching internationally on shamanic healing and journeying for more than 30 years.

Study with Sandra Ingerman
Shamanic Journeying and Healing in Community
The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying
The Ancient Practice of Shamanic Journeying 

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North Sea Water in My Veins by Imelda Almqvist is a quest for the reconstruction of an indigenous or native spirituality of the Low Countries, covering pre-Christian material from the Netherlands, Belgium and the region just across the German border. Seeking out and documenting ancient gods and goddesses, practices and traditions, this book asks the question: is there enough material for such a reconstruction? The conclusion is a resounding yes! Please note that a Glossary of Dutch words related to native spirituality, and a Rune Summary for the Frisian Rune Row (a Northern region of the Netherlands) are included in this book.

“Imelda's book on the spiritual traditions of the Low Countries is a wonderful contribution to cultural soul recovery, finely streaming together her poly-linguistic research and depth of experiential work. I am glad that she included some of her dreams and personal encounters with the ancient ones.” ― Robert Moss

About Imelda Almqvist
Imelda is a Dutch painter and international teacher of Sacred Art and Seiðr/Old Norse Traditions, the ancestral wisdom teachings of Northern Europe. She is passionate about Rites of Passage work with children, and has published four non-fiction books, including the well-loved “Natural Born Shamans" and three picture books specifically for children. She works with colleagues to bring back the concept of safely-held initiatory experiences for teens. She is a mental health advocate, viewing the current mental health crisis in young people as a “parallel pandemic,” and campaigns for children’s voices to be heard in global decision-making processes about right action in stewardship of the Earth. Imelda has presented her shamanic work with children on both The Shift Network and Sounds True and she appears in a TV program, entitled Ice Age Shaman, made for the Smithsonian Museum. Imelda runs an online school called Pregnant Hag Teachings.

Imelda welcomes you to Shamans Directory
As children of Mother Earth and Father Sky we owe it to our children and our children’s children (meaning all children in The Human Family) to anchor a collective vision of healing (making whole again what hurts or has fragmented), joyful cooperation, and respectful cultural cross-fertilization (as opposed to competition, one-upmanship and cultural appropriation). It is of utmost importance for our global elders, (those willing), to share their wisdom teachings with younger generations. It is equally important for their life’s work and legacy to be documented and recorded for future generations. Shamans Directory offers both the vision and the infrastructure to make this happen. I am excited and honored to be part of this!

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Artist Shaman Healer Sage by Katherine Skaggs is a foundational shamanic guide for igniting your creativity and passion as the conscious dreamer of your life. Great Spirit gives us many clues to living a life of joy, abundance, and harmony. However, as humans, we often walk around in the dark, confused as we chase linear goals, disguised and separate from our true nature as spirit. Artist Shaman Healer Sage shines a light upon the workings of Great Mystery, and to the eternal truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, souls upon a spiritually purpose-filled Earth walk, empowered to live in harmony and joy once again. A beautiful, full color, illustrated 264-page, 6×9″ book filled with timeless shamanic teachings, practices, rituals, and tools for making change in your life and living in balance.

Artist Shaman Healer Sage is a treasure and a blessing. Katherine has gathered timeless wisdom from ancient wisdom keepers into a sacred bundle that she has shaped into the form of this wonderful book. Her wisdom is shared in clear language and easy to understand explanations. She has woven a sacred hoop with her simple but power teachings that can anchor us to earth and sky and help us navigate these long expected times of challenge and transformation ― Julie Loar, Author of Goddess of Everyday

About Katherine Skaggs
Katherine is a creative visionary artist, author, teacher, shamanic practitioner, and painter. She brings beautiful heart-centered vision, imagery and writing to educate, inspire and awaken the soul and to heal the human experience. Her work is dedicated to assisting others in uniting their true essence with their conscious waking experience. She is the author of Artist Shaman Healer Sage, Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle, as well as Mythical Goddesses Tarot. She is an inspirational teacher of Intuitive Painting, Shamanic, and Mystery School teachings, including; dream interpretation, the chakras, meditation, visualization, and expanding one’s intuition. Katherine has been studying and practicing energy healing for more than 20 years. She is an ongoing student of advanced shamanic studies, continually deepening her abilities to heal patterns of disease and suffering and transforming them into new patterns of love and harmony.

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The Gifts of Ma’at by Zahra Indigo Rønlov offers a potent opportunity to learn about and to work with Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice, Harmony, Balance, Reciprocity, Natural Law, and Cosmic Order. Zahra Indigo guides you on an extraordinary inner journey to align you with Truth so that you may move through your days with a heart as light as Ma’at’s feather.

The 42 Negative Confessions, also knows as The Declaration of Innocence, are the confessions a soul must make before the heart is weighed by the scale of Ma’at and one enters into the after life. Zahra Indigo has beautifully transformed these into 42 Positive Declarations to inspire you to live truthfully and light-heartedly. The book contains seven sections explaining the different dimensions of Truth, and takes you on a journey from the individual microcosmos to the macrocosmos at large.

A series of online classes led to the birth of The Gifts of Ma’at book. With the fifth round of classes starting this October (the first time offering the class after the release of her book), and an oracle deck in the making, you are invited to join Zahra Indigo to learn more, align with Ma’at, and create your own ‘PERT EM HRU’ or Book of Becoming Light.

Zahra Indigo brings to us a true gift, inviting us into the mysterious and sacred world of the Egyptian goddess Ma’at. She crafted this book so beautifully with pure poetry and so much feminine energy. This is such a fascinating work to bring through for our times. Zahra Indigo clearly has a strong connection with Ma’at so she could bring through the true magic of this energy so needed in the world today. ― Sandra Ingerman MA.

About Zahra Indigo

Zahra Indigo is a Sacred Witness, Healing Alchemist, Priestess of Ma’at, Egyptian Mysteries Guide, Teacher, Ceremonialist, Author, Artist, Mom, and Ambassador for Shamans Directory. She received her master's degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University and is a Minister of Walking Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies. As a Priestess of Ma’at, she is dedicated to serving Truth in every way she is able to perceive it. With an endless entrepreneurial spirit, she initiated and operates Sacred Witness LLC, and offers private healing sessions, classes, and specialized pilgrimages.

Hear her interview Seeking Truth and Arriving Into the Heart of Now and book reading at our Shamans Directory Live Event, June 11th 2022.

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Known as the ‘keepers of the ancient knowledge,’ the Q’ero Indians of Peru are the most respected mystics of the south-central Andes. In 1996 Joan Parisi Wilcox traveled to the Andes and was able to record the mysteries of kawsay pacha, the multidimensional world of living energy, through intensive interviews with six Q’ero Paqos, masters of the ancient spiritual traditions of Peru.

The Q’ero are known for having preserved the Inca spiritual tradition more purely than any other indigenous population in the Andes. The in-depth interviews presented in this book recount the direct words of these masters so readers can discover for themselves the mind and heart space of these people. Several chapters focus on the work of the mesa or misha, the Andean form of a spiritual medicine bundle, and its use as a conduit for the healing energies of nature. The mesa is called the “heart’s fire” because it represents the finest energy—the energy of compassion—that a Paqo cultivates while walking the sacred path. An Andean paqo provides instructions on how to make, activate, and work with a mesa, and Joan Wilcox provides other practical exercises showing how we can use the power of the Andean spiritual tradition in our own lives.

Joan Parisi Wilcox has given us a mature and sensitive portrait of a mystical system as seen through the eyes of its practitioners, the Q'ero. Written with heart and respect, this book is a gateway for serious seekers to discover the world of living energy and to learn how to live in harmony with nature and each other. ― Deepak Chopra, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

Joan welcomes you to Shamans Directory
The challenge for spiritual seekers has always been how to find a reliable, experienced teacher or practitioner—a mystic, shaman, healer, meditation teacher, mentor, guide. The need for a comprehensive directory for spiritual seekers has been acute, and now, through the visionary work of the Shamans Directory Team, the wait is over. Shamans Directory is an impressive resource, and as it continues to grow it will surely be the most comprehensive resource for spiritual seekers of all kinds. The vision of “One Fire, One Medicine” reverberates throughout the approach taken in this Directory. This open-hearted approach reminds me of something an Andean Paqo once said when asked if he minded that people from many cultures were coming to the Andes to learn from him and others. He said that he welcomed them all, for “Our clothes may be different, but we are all human beings,” and the sacred arts he practiced and taught not only benefit all of us, but in effect belong to all of us. That’s what Shamans Directory achieves: providing a resource for feeding the spirit of all of us. 

Hear her interview The Sacred Self - The Potential and Power of Your ‘Inka Seed’ at our Shamans Directory Live Event, July 9th 2022.

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