Working With The Elemental Spirits

The Five Elements and Shamanism in Nepal
Written by Bhola Nath Banstola

Nepali Shamanism and the Dhami-Jhankri lineages have existed for thousands of years, closely protecting their wisdom and practices and the purity of their relationship with the Elements and the Spirits. Now, we can all benefit from their teachings and apply their powerful rituals in our own lives, thanks to the immense generosity of Shamans Directory Ambassador and renowned lineage keeper Bhola Banstola.

Bhola is a rare example of authenticity. Not only is he a highly respected 27th generation Banstola family lineage shaman from Nepal, but he is also someone who has dedicated his life to preserving and to disseminating the precious Indigenous rituals and teachings from his homeland.
Readers will benefit hugely from his unique ability to convey these teachings to people from all cultures.

Published in January of this year, this book is filled with wisdom and guidance for you to use in creating your own powerful relationship with the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, and the Spirits who are invoked to support the practices. This book offers a truly rich shamanic experience and sustenance for your personal journey.

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