Womb Practitioner Training

Step Into Your Feminine Power
With Diana Beaulieu of Sacred Woman Awakening
Online Training
Begins 04 June 2024

Do you feel passionate about helping women to reclaim their authentic sacred feminine connection? Then you may be ready to step into a powerful new role as a authentic feminine teacher and facilitator.

Diana Beaulieu, Shamans Directory Ambassador and founder of Sacred Woman Awakening, invites you to become an inspirational leader in the new feminine revolution, Sacred Womb Awakening.

As a Womb Awakening Practitioner you will catalyze incredible healing breakthroughs for your clients and create a richly rewarding professional path for yourself. Over the course of three levels you will receive the following:

Level 1: Womb Awakening Facilitator (4 months / 60 hours)

During your online training you will learn to transmit foundational Womb Awakening practices and get extensive teaching on how to hold sacred space as a facilitator working 1-1 with your clients and groups.

Level 2: Womb Healing Practitioner (8 months / 120 hours)

Learn to facilitate advanced Womb Healing practices and get extensive teaching on how to hold sacred space as a facilitator, while setting up your own Womb Healing practice.

Level 3: Advanced Shamanic Womb Practitioner (6 months / 90 hours)

Learn to facilitate shamanic journeys into the Womb for the purposes of healing, divination and manifestation. Receive advanced coaching to develop specialized areas for your Womb Healing practice.

This training offers so much more. We encourage you to take a look!

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