Water & the Ancient Mysteries

Full Day Webinar
With Veda Austin and Patricia Awyan
16 March 2024 US, UK, EU / 17 March 2024 NZT, AUS 

According to science, Earth's water has been in existence for 4.5 billion years. We are discovering more and more evidence that this ‘far from simple’ liquid stores vast amounts of information, like a record keeper. If there is any substance in our world that could teach us about our true history, it would be water. Water was the ice in the ice age, water was the great flood.

In this 8 hour webinar Shamans Directory Ambassador Veda Austin will establish the science behind her work, before launching into a crystallographic journey of ancient history. She will discuss pyramids, and their relationship with water, and share incredible ice imagery relating to various ancient civilizations.

She is delighted to have the amazing Patricia Awyan as a guest speaker. Patricia is symbologist, researcher, writer and explorer. She has lived in Egypt for more than 15 years and devotes much of her time to the research of ancient symbolism and mythologies worldwide.

Veda can’t have an ancient mysteries talk without discussing Atlantis and Lemuria, ancient aliens, merpeople, crop circles, Antarctica, the Bermuda Triangle, crystals, time travel and more. And she has a couple of surprise speakers too!

Her last Ancient Mysteries webinar sold out faster than any of her other events, and is to date her most requested topic.

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