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Weaving wisdom with science, the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast by Laura Dawn explores the intersection between psychedelics and sacred plant medicine, neuroscience and consciousness, creativity and resilience, business and entrepreneurship, meaning and purpose. Conversations focus on embodying heart-centered leadership so we can influence real change and create the beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

The following two complementary podcast episodes are from the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast with Laura Dawn, speaking with internationally renowned spiritual teacher and Shamans Directory Ambassador Jyoti Ma and Mother Earth Delegate, Mondahis Bastisa are honorably inspiring!

In Episode #36 “Prophecy, Prayer, Truth, and Authenticity,” recorded September 23rd, 2021, Jyoti shares her remarkable wisdom on the Kogi prophecy, the power of prayer, and the necessity to align with our authenticity and personal truth. According to the Kogi prophecy, we are collectively moving through the time of the great cleanse that will last 13 years, with the great ending falling into the beginning in 2026. What is breaking through is based on Original Principles of heart, reciprocity, collaboration, unity, and all life that is sacred. As Mother Earth goes through an evolutionary process, we need to honor Her and realign with Her Original Instructions given to us by Her Original Peoples. Jyoti talks about the importance of staying in the present moment, sitting with nature and deeply listening, and being committed to our individual awakening.

In Episode #56, June 6th, 2022, Jyoti Ma and Mondahis Bastisa teach their wisdom on the Original Principles. According to Otemi-Toltec Elder Mondahis Bastisa, a world guided by Original Principles is not just possible – it is inevitable. In relation to their work at the Fountain and the Mother Earth Delegation for United Original Nations, they speak about how generosity and giving back to the Earth, Nature, and Original Peoples is much needed, and more valued than taking and accumulating wealth or profit. They point out that all life and nature’s elements, including the water we drink and the air we breathe, is equally valued and are alive. This is not only a deeply held prayer and a vision for the future, it is how Original Cultures and Peoples have lived in balance with the Earth since the dawn of time, guided by Original Principles.

Expand your consciousness. Be inspired to participate and say "yes" to our evolution!

Listen here
Episode #36  Prophecy, Prayer, Truth and Authenticity
Episode #56  Applying the Original Principles to Psychedelic Leadership

About Jyoti Ma
Jyoti Ma is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She has cultivated projects that demonstrate ways of life that honor the Earth and all Peoples. She is the Grandmother Vision Keeper of the Center for Sacred Studies. She has helped to convene the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. She is the founder of The Fountain with the mission to restore an economic model that is based on reciprocity and collaboration guided by Nature and the Sacred. She serves as a delegate of the Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations that has a global Sacred Territories Initiative to protect Mother Earth’s sacred sites and Her Original Peoples. Jyoti has devoted her life to creatively addressing the global challenges of our times and bringing unity to the planet. She does this by facilitating the development of alliances between individuals who are the guardians of indigenous culture and organizations that are focused on economic, social, and environmental solutions.

According to the Kogi prophecy, we are collectively moving through 13 years they call the great cleanse. The Kogi’s say that the great ending will fall into the beginning in 2026. Listen below, as as renowned spiritual teacher, vision keeper, and Shamans Directory Ambassador Grandmother Jyoti shares remarkable stories that help us understand the wisdom within these prophecies and the power of walking in prayer. This is a time when it is necessary for all of us to step into alignment with our authenticity - a time of reckoning with our personal truth.

Jyoti welcomes you to Shamans Directory
We are in prophetic times. A time when we must unite to bring to the world what is needed for our personal and collective healing. The medicines that our elders, healers and communities hold are calling us to gather around one fire. Let us unite in the weaving of the New Dawn!!

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