The gifts of Ma'at

The Gifts of Ma’at by Zahra Indigo Rønlov offers a potent opportunity to learn about and to work with Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice, Harmony, Balance, Reciprocity, Natural Law, and Cosmic Order. Zahra Indigo guides you on an extraordinary inner journey to align you with Truth so that you may move through your days with a heart as light as Ma’at’s feather.

The 42 Negative Confessions, also knows as The Declaration of Innocence, are the confessions a soul must make before the heart is weighed by the scale of Ma’at and one enters into the after life. Zahra Indigo has beautifully transformed these into 42 Positive Declarations to inspire you to live truthfully and light-heartedly. The book contains seven sections explaining the different dimensions of Truth, and takes you on a journey from the individual microcosmos to the macrocosmos at large.

A series of online classes led to the birth of The Gifts of Ma’at book. With the fifth round of classes starting this October (the first time offering the class after the release of her book), and an oracle deck in the making, you are invited to join Zahra Indigo to learn more, align with Ma’at, and create your own ‘PERT EM HRU’ or Book of Becoming Light.

Zahra Indigo brings to us a true gift, inviting us into the mysterious and sacred world of the Egyptian goddess Ma’at. She crafted this book so beautifully with pure poetry and so much feminine energy. This is such a fascinating work to bring through for our times. Zahra Indigo clearly has a strong connection with Ma’at so she could bring through the true magic of this energy so needed in the world today. ― Sandra Ingerman MA.

About Zahra Indigo

Zahra Indigo is a Sacred Witness, Healing Alchemist, Priestess of Ma’at, Egyptian Mysteries Guide, Teacher, Ceremonialist, Author, Artist, Mom, and Ambassador for Shamans Directory. She received her master's degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University and is a Minister of Walking Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies. As a Priestess of Ma’at, she is dedicated to serving Truth in every way she is able to perceive it. With an endless entrepreneurial spirit, she initiated and operates Sacred Witness LLC, and offers private healing sessions, classes, and specialized pilgrimages.

Hear her interview Seeking Truth and Arriving Into the Heart of Now and book reading at our Shamans Directory Live Event, June 11th 2022.

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