A Story of Curandera Wilma Pinedo

Our purpose is to keep preserving our traditions and also transmitting them to others, because just this little simple community, like ten people all around us, we are not enough for the world. ― Wilma Pinedo, Andean Shaman
Wilma Pinedo is a medicine woman, Shaman, Curandera, representing Apu Pachatusan outside of Cusco, Peru to the Northeast. She shared her story with Loren Wheeler on a day when she took a small group to offer ceremony on her home mountain. He dedicated this video to her, in deep appreciation for her immense heart, and the great gifts she gave to their group through her presence, and through her family's dedication to the ways of healing and being in balanced relationship with all of life.
We offer our gratitude to Wilma for her timeless message and to Loren Wheeler for his permission to share this beautiful video.
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