Plant Medicine Dieta

With Don Gino Chaka-Runa
Sacred Valley, Peru
23 Feb - 05 March 2024 

Plant Medicine Dietas are an ancestral practice where Medicine Master Plants are consumed in ancient Ritual Ceremonies to cleanse and heal at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

At Chaka-Runa, Plant Medicines and other Native Sacred Medicines, such as Mapacho, Rapé, Kambo, and Sananga are used to assist participants in diving into the deeper layers of the self in order to release blockages, stimulate each person’s innate healing energy, and connect with their truest selves, and Source.

If you are seeking to dive deeply into your Medicine work, this experience is a great way to get the best results from the healing and awakening process. Those who have participated in Chaka-Runa Dietas describe them as one of the most powerful, deep, and truthful experiences of their lives.

All Dietas are guided by Shamans Directory Ambassador Don Gino Chaka-Runa through ancient, sacred practices and authentic icaros from the Shipibo, Andean and Mestizo traditions from Peru; celebrating life, love, and the healing power of Mother Nature. Icaros and medicine songs are performed live during each ceremony.

In addition to group integration, where participants are encouraged to support one another as a community, each person also gets personalized care and attention from Don Gino's experienced team at all times throughout the experience. Chaka-Runa’s mission is to offer you a safe, tailored Plant Medicine experience specially designed to bring real transformation into your life.

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