Pampamesayoq Training

2.5 Year Apprenticeship 
Become a Caretaker of Mother Earth 

With Serena Centre for Inca Shamanism 

27-29 March 2024

Shamans Directory Ambassador Serena Anchanchu Centre for Inca Shamanism, was founded by several Q’ero Paqos (priest healers) from the Andes who are truly masters of living energy. According to the Paqos, we all come from the stars. They help us to reconnect with our ancestors and to communicate with them.

The Paqos invite you to step into the Inca shamanic tradition of wisdom, healing and profound personal development. In this two and a half year apprentice training program, they will initiate you to walk the spiritual path of the Pampamesayoq, caretaker of Mother Earth, and share ceremonies to honor Her. Their teachings are beautiful and authentic, right from the source, transmitting their wisdom through age-old, oral traditions, and touching your heart and soul.

In the training you will gradually build a Mesa, which is a medicine bundle of initiated stones, an important healing tool for the Paqos. You will learn healing techniques to cleanse and heal yourself and others, in the same way they still do in the Andes mountains today! Allow yourself to be touched by their heartfelt love for Pachamama, the Apus (sacred lords), the Ñustas (sacred goddesses) and the Ancestor Star families. Learn to walk with clarity, balance, beauty, and love.

The Paqos will share their wisdom online via ZOOM. The course is taught in English with translation from Quechua.

“Tuku Munay Niyoq” — From the deepest vibrations of our hearts.

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