Noqan Kani 2024 Offerings

Puma Fredy Quispe Songona
With the Noqan Kani Team

Shamans Directory Ambassador Puma Fredy Quispe Singona and his Noqan Kani Team are offering new classes and programs to share their beautiful wisdom and medicine from the Andes.

Pachamamanchis Hampi Sachakuna — Plant-healers, children of Pachamama 
For millennia, our ancestors have learned how to connect, call on, and commune with the plant spirits for powerful healing and harmony with Pachamama. The plant realms are divine children of Pachamama – they are conscious spirits manifested here to assist, guide and bless life on this planet. Along our journey with our sacred plant spirits, the Hampi Sachakuna, we will learn how to call on these powerful spirits and to access their miraculous healing potential for ourselves and our global community.

Chaska Qoyllor Qhawarina — Journeying with our cosmic family 
Our ancestors have always looked to the stars to honor the sacredness of the cosmos. We are the reflection of life in the sky, everything happening in the macro-cosmos above is a direct parallel to the micro-cosmos below. On this journey with the constellations, we will re-discover our own light and connection with the divine heavens. With the guidance and blessing of our cosmic masters of light, we will learn to connect with the star constellations of Orion, the Pleiades, the Southern Cross, and the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

Pukara Mesa — A year long manifestation journey 
Discover the awe-inspiring Pukara Mesa, a profound teaching from the vibrant Rainbow Lineage. Join Puma on this captivating journey to connect with powerful Pukara masters, delving deeply into their rich history. During this program you will immerse yourself in the essence of Apus, Ñustas, and the mystical realms of animal spirits, stellar connections, and the wisdom of our ancestry. You will discover the potent rituals that hold the key to manifesting your aspirations throughout this year.

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