New And Full Moon Rituals

Money Pouring and Burden Burning Rituals
With Yeye Luisah Teish
Online Twice Monthly

​If you are called to weave indigenous wisdom into your sacred practice and personal rituals for everyday life, Yeye Luisah Teish's New and Full Moon Rituals are a great place to start.

American author of African and African-diaspora spiritual cultures and an Ambassador to Shamans Directory, Yeye Teish is an Oshun priestess (Yoruba Goddess of Love and Sensuality) who has officiated over spiritual retreats, rituals, and workshops for more than forty years. She is a wisdom keeper of the Ifa spiritual practice, an affluent ritualist, keynote speaker, and spiritual advisor on a global scale.

Yeye Teish offers in-depth courses exploring the Universal Principles found in the Indigenous rituals of all the world’s cultures, designing sacred spaces, consulting oracles, interpreting symbols, making effective charms, and conducting rituals, all with a special emphasis on the traditions of the African Diaspora.

Registration for her offerings is easy through Patreon. When you sign up for Tier 2 you will be invited to attend both the Money Pouring ritual for the new moon and the Burden Burning ritual for the full moon each month. Calling in abundance and releasing the things that no longer serve you are game changers for manifesting the life we deserve.

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