Introduction To Shamanic Windwork®

Embracing Nature’s Cyclical Wisdom
With Renee Baribeau
Hosted by The College of Psychic Studies
Wednesday 03 April 2024

Shamanic WindWork guides you from the linear path to a genuine alignment with the rhythmic cycles of nature. This transformative livestream workshop is your initiation into this ancient wisdom. Leading you in this online workshop is Shamans Directory Ambassador Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman. Through offering shamanic wind wisdom, Renee will teach you how to uncover the strength in perceiving each day, each lunar phase, and each year, as distinct in the continuum of life's cycles.

You will learn to: Synchronize with the cardinal winds to unlock your shamanic potential. Understand and apply wind vocabulary for daily insights. Call upon the wind for help, guidance, and support. Erect a living altar, anchoring your spiritual endeavors. Experience elemental techniques such as wind breath, wind walk, and wind baths to assimilate daily teachings and meditate on personal evolution. Learn basic tools for navigating life with the ancestral wisdom of the winds.

Join Renee and immerse yourself in the foundational principles of Shamanic WindWork and find out about her subsequent offering called “Wind Knots for Abundance & Prosperity: Navigating Change with Ancient Wisdom”, a workshop to weave prosperity into your life through the ancient art of tying knots.

We are living in remarkable transformative times of reawakening ourselves and restrengthening the Divine Feminine here on planet earth in order to restore our relationship with nature and all living things.

Shamans Directory Ambassador Luis Alejo Mango, the Paqos from Serena Anchanchu, and Shamans Directory founding member Mayumi Beckers invite you to step into this extraordinary moment, and join them on this journey to honor the sacred feminine. Our great Mother Earth, and the powerful goddesses known as the Ñustas, assist us in personal, collective and planetary healing. Let us come together in ceremony at powerful sacred sites from the Inca and pre-Inca times to work with the light vibrations from Pachamama and the Ñusta goddesses to envision a world of harmony, equilibrium, love, peace, and unity.

At the heart of our spiritual journey, you will receive the Ñusta Karpay initiations from the Paqos, mystical energy masters from the Andes. We will travel to magnificent sacred sites, connecting with ancient energies and immersing ourselves fully in nature as we camp in the magical Andean landscape. connecting with the mountains, the water spirits, and the star nations around the fire at night.

This will be a life-changing journey, expanding your knowledge of the Andean spiritual traditions, building a Ñusta Mesa medicine bundle, nourishing your soul, and discovering or deepening your medicine gifts to share them with the world. An option to travel to the Amazonian jungle prior to the Ñusta Journey is available. Space is limited. Please apply soon if you are interested.

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