Individual Sessions With Angaangaq

Individual Sessions by Appointment
With Greenland Shaman Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq
28-30 March 2024

“The responsibility of a shaman is to lift up your spirit, to help you to find your inner balance, and finally to come home inside yourself.” – Angaangaq

Shamans Directory Ambassador, Greenland Shaman, Traditional teacher and healer Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq is known for his authenticity, warmth, strength, and refreshing sense of humor.

Dedicated to melting the hearts of humanity through sharing the Indigenous traditions of the Far North, Angaangaq does this through storytelling, teachings, ceremonies and chanting – often with the qilaut (wind drum), and sharing his vast experience as a shaman.

Greenland is the only part of the world where there has never been war. The stories and teachings of this very old, wise and peaceful culture convey a special strength and inspiration for life in a circle and in harmony with nature. This is a very special opportunity meet Angaangaq personally online. You may bring any question or life issue that you have and Angaangaq will work with it individually in his way. All sessions are in English.

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