Imelda Almqvist 2024 Offerings

Beluga Whales, Shamanic Art, and More
With Imelda Almqvist

Shamans Directory Ambassador Imelda Almqvist is an international teacher of Sacred Art and Seiðr/Old Norse Traditions, an author, and a painter. This month we warmly invite you to check out her training and course offerings for 2024-2025, as well as her Substack page where she posts beautiful essays on a variety of shamanic subjects twice a week. These include Old Norse Traditions, Sacred Art, and shamanic perspectives on the contemporary issues that we are all facing.

One of her recent articles called “Beluga Wale” talks about animal communication and the teachings that she receives in her dreams. She divides her dreams into three categories: composting dreams (processing everyday experiences), dreams of personal significance (pointers for inner work), and dreams of larger or collective significance (which she often turns into paintings, essays and classes).

One such dream of global significance, was about tuning into a dream of a Beluga Whale that was swimming in solitude in the coastal waters of the Shetland Islands. In the dream she grew a whale tail herself, swimming along with the animal, and communicating images telepathically. The message she received from the Beluga Whale was that there is currently so much upheaval, grief and pain in the world of human beings, that this is distorting the energetic field which we share with animals and all non-human beings. These imbalances in the human realm are affecting the song lines (or ancient dreaming tracks) followed by the animals. It pulls them off the track of their natural movements and migration pathways and disturbs their peace of mind. It also pulls them closer because of their concern for us as human beings.

Imelda’s work is always an invitation to connect more intimately with the natural world around us. She has a special connection to both Beluga Whales and the Arctic and will be teaching a sacred art course in Greenland later this year. Read more about her articles and upcoming courses here.

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