Hatun Karpay

Training in Andean Mysticism
With Juan and Ivan Ñuñez del Prado
Begins October 07, 2023

Andean Mysticism is a path of personal power and conscious evolution. The Paqos, Andean energy masters from the high Andes, have passed down this powerful yet graceful energy tradition over generations, and they have freely and lovingly shared this tradition with anyone who comes to them with an open heart.

The Andean Path is an earth-honoring tradition grounded in the belief that the world is made of ‘living energy.’ Andean mystics, Juan and Ivan Ñuñez del Prado (father and son) are offering live webinars of 17 sessions, providing the keys to step into a direct and personal experience of the world of living energies, a world previously relegated only to highly trained Mystics.

According to the Inka Prophecy, humanity is currently in transition from one level of consciousness to a higher one. By combining quantum physics, ancient energy techniques and modern psychology, Juan and Ivan offer a framework complete with structure and steps to walk a path of personal power in harmony with the universe based in energetic perception, enabling you to understand your personal experience ‘to walk with living energy.’

About Juan and Ivan
Juan Ñuñez del Prado and his son Ivan are Master teachers of Andean Cosmology. Juan is an Anthropologist and with his father, discovered the long lost Q'ero civilization in the 1950’s. Juan has studied directly with the Q'ero, and is a widely respected keeper of this ancient wisdom. Both father and son are passionate about teaching people to live more empowered lives. Their teachings are directly from direct experience with the Andean wisdom keepers.

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