Diagnosis and Self Massage of Internal Organs

With Ahamkara, Altai Shaman
Beginning February 21, 2023

6-Month Online Course

For centuries and across all cultures it is known that the navel is the center of the body. In Russian language, the root of the word for `life` is the same as that of the `belly.` Massage of the navel area, source of vitality, creates an improved blood flow for more life energy (chi). In your belly all is processed: thoughts, emotions, food.

Every organ has its own character, function and emotion. Congested organs are often the cause of tension in other parts of the body. With body massage, joints and muscles regain their original suppleness and stress dissolves throughout the entire body.

Organ healing from the Altai Mountains of Russia is a type of soft pressure massage that is effective to treat many things including: digestive problems, migraines, autoimmune diseases such as Crohn`s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, fatigue, depression, trauma and detoxification.

This education provides you with a strong basis for physical health, emotional balance and spiritual growth, in particular with massage, but also with easy stretches, shamanic journeys and thorough knowledge of the organs. Tension and pain can trace to the appropriate overloaded organ. You master in effective treatment methods for healing of internal organs and the congested parts of the body.

About Ahamkara
Shamans Directory Ambassador Ahamkara is a gifted healer and teacher of Siberian indigenous earth-based wisdom. For over 20 years Ahamkara has offered a variety of shamanic teaching programs aimed at improving health, personal development and finding one’s authentic path in life. Ahamkara's knowledge has been directly acquired from Siberian indigenous peoples, ancestral shamans. He currently lives in Siberia with his family, his wife and two children. His summers are spent at Zhivo, his healing center in the Siberian forest, where he carries out his teaching and healing sessions. In winters he travels offering seminars in various countries in Europe.

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