Artist shaman healer sage

Artist Shaman Healer Sage by Katherine Skaggs is a foundational shamanic guide for igniting your creativity and passion as the conscious dreamer of your life. Great Spirit gives us many clues to living a life of joy, abundance, and harmony. However, as humans, we often walk around in the dark, confused as we chase linear goals, disguised and separate from our true nature as spirit. Artist Shaman Healer Sage shines a light upon the workings of Great Mystery, and to the eternal truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, souls upon a spiritually purpose-filled Earth walk, empowered to live in harmony and joy once again. A beautiful, full color, illustrated 264-page, 6×9″ book filled with timeless shamanic teachings, practices, rituals, and tools for making change in your life and living in balance.

Artist Shaman Healer Sage is a treasure and a blessing. Katherine has gathered timeless wisdom from ancient wisdom keepers into a sacred bundle that she has shaped into the form of this wonderful book. Her wisdom is shared in clear language and easy to understand explanations. She has woven a sacred hoop with her simple but power teachings that can anchor us to earth and sky and help us navigate these long expected times of challenge and transformation ― Julie Loar, Author of Goddess of Everyday

About Katherine Skaggs
Katherine is a creative visionary artist, author, teacher, shamanic practitioner, and painter. She brings beautiful heart-centered vision, imagery and writing to educate, inspire and awaken the soul and to heal the human experience. Her work is dedicated to assisting others in uniting their true essence with their conscious waking experience. She is the author of Artist Shaman Healer Sage, Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle, as well as Mythical Goddesses Tarot. She is an inspirational teacher of Intuitive Painting, Shamanic, and Mystery School teachings, including; dream interpretation, the chakras, meditation, visualization, and expanding one’s intuition. Katherine has been studying and practicing energy healing for more than 20 years. She is an ongoing student of advanced shamanic studies, continually deepening her abilities to heal patterns of disease and suffering and transforming them into new patterns of love and harmony.

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