Andean Foundations

An Introduction to Andean Foundations
With Christina Allen and the Austin Shamanic Center
14 January 2024 (course begins 20 January)

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Member Christina Allen is the Founder of the Austin Shamanic Center (ASC), an online school that teaches the Andean Healing Arts to students all over the world. These are the teachings that Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado curated from their three main Andean teachers. They are also the teachings Joan Parisi Wilcox references in her book Master’s of the Living Energy. At ASC Christina puts these teachings into the context of healing from trauma and finding constructive, self-empowering ways of walking on the earth.

The Andean Healing Arts are a living body of knowledge. They are a practice that can be used for many applications. Christina brings these teachings through in their traditional form and infuses them with her deep understanding of physics, psychology, and neuroscience. While these teachings are the path of the traditional paqo, from parents to CEO's this wisdom applies to anyone wanting to improve their relationships with self, nature and with others.

The Andean Foundations Course is a sacred journey with definitive steps, so it is important to set aside the time to dive in completely. The energy of creation is everywhere. You don't need to retreat to a sacred mountain top or use plant medicine to achieve a higher state of consciousness, you just need to see the value of carving out some sacred time for yourself.

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