Aligning with Cosmic Energy

Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life
Webinar with Meg Beeler 

22 February 2024

The people of the High Andes live from a cosmovision where stars and rivers, stones and mountains inform their daily lives. Join Shamans Directory Member Meg Beeler to discover, from this time tested tradition, how to lift heaviness from your heart and open to the beauty and harmony of our interconnected world.

In this webinar you will learn potent, embodied practices and explore practical strategies for shifting your energy and awareness. Content will include: releasing what does not serve you, filling yourself with the light of the cosmos and your own essence, and connecting with all that is. You will discover a lifeline to your heart, alignment, and joy. Learning to cleanse, shift, and uplift your energy on a daily basis will help you find fluidity in the face of complexity and despair.

Exploring the four pillars of intent, reciprocity, receptivity, and resonance, you will be guided on a journey into the great web and river of Being and learn how to shine your light through the turning over of the world during these times of great change.

Join Meg on a journey of re-enchantment with nature, expanded perception, and connection. The heart of the universe awaits you.

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