Aboriginal Sydney

A Course in Cultural Competence
With Gabrielle Russell at Coursera
Begins when you registerAb·o·rig·i·nal, adjective: inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists; indigenous. — Oxford Language Dictionary

Most of the modern world is built on lands that were once inhabited by Aboriginal or Indigenous Communities. Some of these original communities have disappeared altogether, many have been displaced from their native lands, while others have remained in place, experiencing varying degrees of marginalization as the colonists' reality expanded around them.

The cost of human life, culture, and earth-based wisdom traditions that have connected us to one another and to all of life for millennia is immeasurable. To begin to understand these hidden and marginalized narratives and experiences it is necessary to develop cultural competence capabilities.

Key elements of practicing cultural competence include being able to understand and interrogate context, which in this curriculum includes, learning about the peoples, places and histories of Aboriginal Sydney as well as understanding issues around how knowledge is created and how dominant narratives can exclude diverse knowledges and experiences.

At the heart of this online course is the theme that Sovereignty was never ceded and Sydney always was and always will be Aboriginal Land. Despite this, the Aboriginal presence in the city is often invisible to non-Aboriginal eyes. This course aims to bring to light marginalized narratives of Aboriginal presence in this space.

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