Activating Inspirited Leadership

12 Month Online Shamanic Mentorship
With Evelyn Rysdyk and Allie Knowlton of Spirit Passages
Begins 29 February 2024

For as long as time remembers, shamans have worked to negotiate life-giving harmony in the world. We have always taken practical actions to make our surroundings safer for all beings. Harnessing our ability as creators is critical to both our collective and our own personal evolution. It is also what supports us to be connected, more whole, and more joyful as we move through our life day to day.

The truth is, that we were born for these crucial times. Our souls embodied at this time to participate in a Great Shift for humankind. Do you feel the call? Are you ready to finally live with deep trust, relying on your powerful partnerships with Spirit to be the person your soul came to be?

Whether your ideas are formulating or you are already doing exciting things and feeling ready to take them to the next level, allow yourself to be supported and mentored by Shamans Directory friends and colleagues, renowned shamanic elder-teachers Evelyn Rysdyk and Allie Knowlton, to find the clarity, energy, and courage to have them manifest and flourish.

This year, activate your Inspirited Leadership to heal humanity’s relationship with nature for regenerating the world!

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