20 Day Cacao Challenge

Twenty Days of Cacao, Connection, and Authentic Practice
With The Mayan Wisdom Project
Online Course
Begins 31 June 2024

Did you know that "cacao ceremony" is not a part of ancestral Maya tradition? It’s true.

Although cacao has been considered sacred to the Maya since ancient times, there has never been any such thing as a cacao ceremony. The reality is that this is a modern-day phenomenon, and although it can offer healing, it is being practiced around the world without acknowledging or learning from the Maya.

Cacao has the potential to heal, connect, and open our hearts to our true essence. For this reason and more, it is beneficial for all of us to incorporate cacao into our daily routine. To do this, it is important to acknowledge certain key factors. The most crucial aspect is to respect those who hold the wisdom and knowledge of the cacao tradition, as they have inherited it. To establish a proper practice with cacao, it is essential to trace its origins and understand its roots.

In The Mayan Wisdom Project’s 20-Day Cacao Challenge, you will learn how to connect with this sacred medicine in a truly authentic way. You will explore the depths of this ancient practice and the different Maya energies.

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