Madeleine Blanchard

Modern Shaman
United States

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, providing divination, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval and Psychopomp over distance (meaning I do the work over phone or zoom for anyone, anywhere), and physical/soul healing and house blessings and rituals in person for people in Southern California. I have been providing services professionally since 2018.

I began exploring the world of Shamanism in about 2001 when I stumbled over Michael Harner’s book, The Way of the Shaman. Simultaneously, I met Richard Whiteley, the author of The Corporate Shaman who was on the Board of The Ken Blanchard Companies, where I worked. Life got busy with work and family, as it often will, so I had some stops and starts.

In 2014 I got serious and did several workshops through The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. In May of 2018, I completed the Foundation’s 3 Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing with Nan Moss and Elaine Egidio. I have supplemented my education with travels to Mongolia, and to Nepal to meet with Indigenous Shamans. I have also studied with Viejo Rivas in the jungle near Tamshiyacu, Peru where I was introduced to the wonders of the Spirit of Ayahuasca and other native plant medicines.

I come to my Shamanic Practice not as a traditional healer, as many do, but as a long-time professional coach. I am a Master Certified Coach specializing in leadership and management coaching. I have a Master of Science in NeuroLeadership from the University of Middlesex and am an avid scholar of social neuroscience.

  • Modern languages: English, French
  • In my community I am known as: Modern Shaman, Shaman, Shamanic Practitioner
  • The origin of my shamanic practice is: African, Amazonian, Celtic, European, Mongolian, Siberian
  • My areas of strength / passion include: Anxiety, Burnout / Bore-out, Chronic Illness, Death and Dying, Depression, Emotional Regulation / Anger, Family Conflict / Separation / Divorce, Fear, Grief / Loss, Life Purpose / Finding Your Call, Life Transitions, Parenting, Relationship / Co-dependency, Spirituality, Trauma / PTSD
  • I work with people who have: Beginner experience with shamanic healing, Intermediate experience with shamanic healing, Advanced experience with shamanic healing
  • My client focus is: Adults
  • Years in practice: 3-5 years
  • Fee per session: $ 150
  • Website:
  • I offer sessions: In person, Phone, Zoom, FaceTime
  • I accept payment via: Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo
  • Prices are set on an individual basis
    I offer a 15 minute free consultation
    Accepting new clients

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