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Author/Teacher Elizabeth B. Jenkins, M.A., is a Mom, Organic Farmer, and international bestselling author of THE RETURN OF THE INKA (Pu’umaka’a Press 2008) originally published by Putnam (1997) under the title INITIATION: A Woman’s Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes. She has written two more books on Inka Nature Wisdom: Journey to Q’eros: Golden Cradle of the Inka (2009) and a book of practices called The Fourth Level: Nature Wisdom Teachings of the Inka (2013). Her books have been published in 20 languages in more than 25 countries.

Elizabeth has collaborated with the Q’ero Indians of Peru, descendants of the Inka, for over 34 years. In 1996 Elizabeth founded the Wiraqocha Foundation (WF) to follow the Andean law of AYNI (sacred reciprocity) and give back to the Q’ero. In 2010, Elizabeth led Discovery Channel filmmakers to record never-before-seen rituals in the Sacred Inka Villages of Hatun Q’eros in the High Andes. In 2020-22 WF sent food relief to Q’eros during the pandemic, and founded the GLOBAL PAQO SCHOOL to support the livelihood of Q’ero Paqos during lockdown in Peru. Elizabeth is the Director of the Global Paqo School, and recently established the Hatun Q’eros Cultural Center in Cuzco on August 7, 2022.

Elizabeth has a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology and has lived with her mate Barney, on their organic farm in Hawai`i since 2001. She is the proud mother of two handsome young men, a herd of 30 sheep, 10 chickens, a wild donkey, a dog and a cat. She grows coffee, macadamia nuts, citrus, and 12 varieties of avocados. Elizabeth collaborates with traditional Hawaiian Kahu and the fabulous Nature Beings of the Big Island. Elizabeth likes it best lying on the earth, beneath the macadamia nut trees.

  • Modern languages: English, Spanish
  • Original languages: Southern Quechua
  • In my community I am known as: Author, Ceremonialist, Paqo
  • The origin of my shamanic practice is: Andean
  • Additional healing modalities: Energy Psychology
  • My areas of strength / passion include: Depression, Emotional Regulation / Anger, Fear, Life Purpose / Finding Your Call, Life Transitions, Self Esteem, Spirituality, Trauma / PTSD
  • I work with people who have: Beginner experience with shamanic healing, Intermediate experience with shamanic healing, Advanced experience with shamanic healing
  • My client focus is: Adults, Couples, Elders 65+, Groups, Individuals
  • Years in practice: Over 20 years
  • Fee per hour: $ 200
  • Website: https://wiraqochafoundation.org
  • I offer sessions: Zoom
  • I accept payment via: Credit Card, PayPal, Zelle
  • Prices are set on an individual basis
    I offer a 15 minute free consultation
    Accepting new clients
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