With Puma Quispe Singona
Tuesday December 20, 2022
8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET
Approximately 90 minutes

A message from Puma Quispe Singona and the Noqan Kani Family

Join us in ceremony, honoring the light of our sun and through it our own power as children of the sun, which never sets nor rises. During the solstice, we have the opportunity to connect with powerful portals that invite us to reflect and honor our journey of life through darkness and light and to celebrate our strength and willpower. Father sun invites us to love ourselves unconditionally and to see the light even in the midst of doubts, fears and limitations.

In the southern hemisphere, our solstice invites us to remain focused on our goal and path. The light of our father sun is glowing and radiant and his illumination will stretch to every corner of our home and hearts. Summer is a time where we need patience – after a long time of seeding, we have to wait to see our fruits blossom and to receive all that abundance. The medicine of this solstice is hope and faith – to be completely free of limitations.

In the northern hemisphere, the portals that open invite us to change and to let go of bad habits and patterns. Winter is a time of quiet energy, a space where you have a change to look within yourself and learn what you want to manifest and need to seed in your life.

Solstice Ceremony - The Light Within Our Hearts
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With Sandy Corcoran
Saturday, December 10, 2022
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

Since pre-history many cultures have observed the winter and summer solstices as a celebratory time to mark the death and rebirth of the cyclical power of our sun—a time for introspection and balance. Just as many cultures have taught the importance of the dream-state as a source of spiritual and practical guidance to help find balance in our inner and outer worlds.

In this session on the dreamtime, just prior to the solstice we will:

About Sandra Corcoran
Sandra Corcoran, M.Ed., is the author of Shamanic Awakening. She is a therapeutic Thoth Tarot Reader, a trained  integrative coach,  a cross-cultural metaphysical teacher, a designated dream decoder, and an ART™ facilitator (Alchemical Regression Therapy). Her greatest delight is to "bring folks on yearly pilgrimages to experience the magic of Egypt, the wisdom of Peru, and the Magdalen and Black Madonna mysteries of France."

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With Wilbert Salas Atasi and Robert Wakeley Wheeler
Saturday December 03, 2022
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET

In Parts 1 and 2 of Calling in the Universe with Wilbert and Wake, we called in the Four Directions using the Tawantin Suyu, a map of four quadrants that is used in the Andes of Peru. On this template the elements that we call in can change each time we open sacred space, depending on what our intentions are and where we happen to be standing on the Earth at the time.

In Part 3 we will explore the Three Worlds: The Upper World of the Cosmos, the Middle World where we are standing in the present moment, and Lower World deep beneath the surface of the Earth. Having  an understanding of the support and wisdom that are available to us in these vast and magical realms enhances our experience at the different layers of being, levels of perceptions, and ways of manifesting our calling in the world.

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Meeting ID: 878 9648 0661
Passcode: 743958

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If you missed Calling in the Universe Parts 1 & 2

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