An Artistic Spiritual Process
With Author Nate Long
Saturday February 24, 2024
8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET
Approximately 90 minutes

Shamans Directory Member Nate Long "Owl" joins us to share his new book Made Prayer. Nate Long is an Intentional Artist and community builder, who gains insight through nature, meditation, and journeywork, and whose creations are truly “made prayers.” His wide range of work includes labyrinth building, drum making, ceremonial events, music, writing, illustration, and mixed-media creations.

Used to address something bigger or deeper for an individual or the world, Nate’s work can elicit deep thought and encourages cleansing, healing, and blessing for individuals, sacred spaces, and communities while raising awareness and easing many discomforts. Made Prayer outlines Nate's process of taking prayerful intentions, then enhancing them and strengthening their manifestation by creating something creative and tangible as a symbol and tool of the intention.

In this session you will discover a new perspective on how to approach both the healing and deep spiritual interactions of prayer and the relationship to the creative process through the creation of sacred objects. Whether the prayer is one for healing, abundance, love, transition, or any number of needs, "making" prayer through crafting, song, ceremony, or art adds depth and power to the prayer becoming manifest.

We invite you to join us, to hear Nate share inspirations from his new book, and to see where Made Prayer might fit into your life.

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Passcode: 08164761

Cultivating Love Under Our Will
With Joan Parisi Wilcox
Wednesday 14 February 2024
11am PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET
Approximately 60-90 minutes

Almost every spiritual tradition claims that love is the most powerful of all energies. Love in its various manifestations, is a spectrum of feelings, from tolerance to devotion, with a key aspect of cultivating love and “being love” requiring humility — seeing our own greatness and our weakness and then allowing that for others as well. Love starts inside of us and then we bring it to the world. It actually does not require an object or person of attention. Love is not about you and another person, it is about you. Then it is about you and another person, your family, community and the world!

The goal for all of us is to pause and really own the energy of love, not as we superficially think about it, but as a deep-down energy that comes from within us (and usually doesn’t come to us unless it first comes from us) without seeking or needing any kind of return.

In the Andes they have a beautiful concept which expresses this kind of love, Munay, or love guided by our will. During our time together we will focus on useful ways to cultivate love through choice and we will offer some energy connection exercises to send and accept munay from the universal spirit beings who are always supporting us. First, connecting with our own self-love, then with our ayllu (family and close associates), then with Taytanchis (god, spirit, creator).

The discussion will be not only about love in its many manifestations but useful strategies for cultivating it! We hope to see you there.

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Frequency Alchemy and The Ceremony of Song
With Eva Tree Blum
Saturday 10 February 2024
8pm PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET
Approximately 60-90 minutes

Join Shamans Directory Member Eva Tree for a loving and playful shamanic journey to amplify your highest frequency through sound exploration, mantra, icaros, and healing medicine songs.

In the Andean mystical teachings, as in many shamanic earth-based communities around the world, breath, tone and song, are practices of transformation, reverence, and activated prayer.

Medicine songs such as icaros, which are well known to the plant medicine community, are songs sung by shamans or curanderos as a part of healing ceremonies. Traditionally, these songs are performed with a combination of whistling, singing, and playing an instrument such as the rattle, drum, or flute.

Deeply buried within each and every one of us is a knowledge of life, hidden away or estranged from our consciousness, an orphaned essence, that through vibration and song, can be welcomed back into our hearts with unconditional love. Given the right conditions, this innate knowledge can come forefront, illuminating a bright new path of healing, one of authentic expression, creativity, and joy!

This mini workshop will be an invitation to sing and dance with our own living energy. We will explore the meaning and purpose of icaros, as well as how to trust yourself to receive your own sound coding.

Please bring an open heart, a glass of water, a flower, some incense, and a candle.

We invite you to watch the replay here

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A Talking Circle in Anishinaabe Tradition
With Monica McWhirter
Saturday 27 January 2024
Approximately 2-3 hours

We live in a linear world, where most of us are asked to choose one path at a time and to follow it to a definitive end. We are asked to do this with our schooling, our careers, our relationships, our faiths and our societal beliefs. But what if we feel called by more than one path - or many - and what happens when we are faced with contradictory messages?

According to the Indigenous teachings of Peru we are being called to a point of meeting ourselves again known as the Taripaypacha, where humanity reaches the 4th level of potential for being human. Here, we are able to see and experience all things cosmically, globally, enabling us to serve from a place of being consciously aligned with the Universe. One of the criteria that characterizes a 4th level human is the ability to fully embrace and embody two or more traditions in our heart, without question, conflict, or resistance; perhaps Buddhism and Judaism, Christianity and Andean Cosmology, shamanic earth-based healing and Western medicine. Have you done this? Are you working on it? How has it changed your life, your commitments, and the way you view the world?

Talking Circles are a place to address topics of importance within a community, and to listen and learn from one another in the traditional way of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. We hope that you will join us to learn from and be inspired by others.

This talking circle will be facilitated by Monica McWhirter who is Algonquin, Metis and Polish, Bear and Buffalo Clan. Monica has facilitated Talking Circles and Healing Circles for over a decade. We are proud to have her serving as the Indigenous Liaison for Shamans Directory.

Chi Miigwetch!
All are welcome.

We invite you to watch the replay here

Shamans Directory YouTube link

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Sacred Lands, Sacred Waters, Sacred Stories
With Crow MacKinnon and Friends
20-21 January 2024

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Member Crow MacKinnon, Founder of Shamanic Voyages, invites you to join him this month at the Sacred Earth Activism Conference. The convergence of spirituality and Earth activism, with a primary focus on the protection of sacred lands and the cultivation of our sacred relationship with the land will be explored. Delving into the stories of Activists and Teachers from diverse spiritual backgrounds, they will reveal how their profound beliefs and practices serve as the cornerstone of their unwavering commitment to Earth activism.

Sacred Earth Activism aims to contribute to the positive changes that are needed during these transformational times by sharing inspiration, knowledge and teachings through talks, conversations, ceremonies and workshops, whilst offering an opportunity to form activist communities. Bringing together activism with the spiritual in a unique way, international speakers, visionaries, wisdom teachers, activists and project leaders share how they are actively involved in the change-movement, whilst being grounded in spirituality.

Time for answering questions, and fostering a dynamic and engaging exchange of ideas will be offered.

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Celebrating the Three Worlds Within
With Wilbert Salas Atasi
Recorded Saturday 13 January 2023
Approximately 2 hours

Bring your gratitude and intentions for the new year, and prepare to release those things that no longer serve you.

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Team Member Wilbert Salas Atasi is a master shaman who resides in Cuzco, Peru. Wilbert has been with Shamans Directory since our inception and has offered us many blessings, ceremonies, and initiation rites for both personal and global transformation. He believes in the development of our own medicine and offering it to the greater community for the enhancement of all. Wilbert naturally brings his total being to the gifts he offers to us and to the world and we are blessed to receive his current offering.

Andean Cosmology recognizes the three aspects of being: Uhupacha  (lower world), Kaypacha (middle world) and Hanaqpacha (upper world). The personal alignment of these three worlds readies us to meet the moment with integrity, internal harmony, and vibrant energy. These worlds are intertwined with the qualities of Munay (experiencing the world through the heart), Yachay (sourcing divine vision), and Llanky (taking heart-centered action to clearly manifest our visions).

Please join our global shamanic community to receive Wilbert’s special energy gift. Awaken what lies within, revitalize your being, and ready yourself to impact the unfolding of 2024 from a centered and energized state.

We invite you to watch the replay here

Shamans Directory YouTube link

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At Shamans Directory, we are committed to making shamanic earth-based healing an everyday practice; free of barriers, accessible, approachable, and inclusive to all people. Each month we explore courses, events, travel opportunities, publications and more, to enrich your shamanic experience. This month, we honor the coming and going of the sun, by highlighting the Solstice events being offered by our Ambassadors, Directory Members and friends.



With Taita Don Manuel Calazacon and Family, 19 December 2023

Join a time-honored Tsachila celebration of the sacred solstice led by Taita Don Manuel Calazacon and his beautiful family. They will light the sacred fire and share their tribal traditional wisdom stories, prayers, songs, powerful music, and dances. This online experience will be broadcast directly from their ancestral land in the Santo Domingo de Los Colorados in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador.

The Solstice is a bi-annual solar event celebrated and revered in cultures worldwide. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year, time of darkness and looking inward, but also the tipping point, that marks the start of the days getting longer - a time in preparation for the awakening of spring.

A recording of this event will be available for all ticket holders for 30 days.

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Winter Solstice and Fire Tender's Gathering

With Renee Baribeau and Special Guests, 20-23 December 2023

Join Renee Baribeau and special guests for the 12th Annual "I Am" Winter Solstice & Fire Tenders Gathering. Fire Tenders assemble to maintain the glow, collectively creating space to usher in the Winter and the New Year. The Winter Solstice, coupled with the Mid-Winter Winds, offers the ideal energetic framework to shift our communal energies. It is an opportunity to master the art of navigating these pivotal moments in time.

Prepare for an invigorating journey that you can embark on from the comfort of your home at no cost! Enhance your journey by committing to keep a flame or light alive during the "I Am" Winter Solstice virtual event. Being a Fire Tender in this way will not only contribute to the spirit of community, but also promises to be a source of immense personal satisfaction and growth as well. Even lighting a simple candle can make an impact. How effortless is that? There are multiple ways to engage. Participate live with our Wind Clan or have the daily recordings sent directly to your inbox.

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With Fredy Puma Quispe Singona and Family, 21 December 2023

This month the divine feminine is in her most potent power, and with the Solstice, the masculine polarity will begin to become activated again, bringing powerful support and guidance. When we connect consciously to the cycle of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Father Sun, we have access to powerful portals that open on specific dates to help us with anything we need.

This solstice is a powerful time to ask for deeper self-discovery, spiritual growth, prosperity, joy, abundance, health and love in our next cycle!

You are invited to end the year in this beautiful ceremony with Noqan Kani. It is the time of acknowledging the endings and new beginnings of our life, honoring the past and clearing the space to make room for all the blessings of the new year.

We are praying for a year of powerful, gentle and effortless global transformation, and spiritual awakening in our service for Pachamama.

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With Peruvian Medicine Woman Vilma Pinedo, 21 December 2023

As we approach a special time for the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, a time in which the cycle of the Sun starts changing for both poles, we are called to align with these movements. In the South the heat of the light is at its highest, in the North at its lowest. And just like in life we can connect and learn from each other. Sometimes our energy shines the brightest, sometimes it needs to rest.

In honoring of the energy of Father Sun, and connecting with the blessings of transformation and rebirth in this time of the year, each participant will be requested to gather a series of materials so that you can make your own offering from home. Vilma will explain this in a practical and loving way. A contribution is voluntary and the sign up is done through the link below. Once you sign up you will receive an email with all the information to participate.

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With Itzhak Beery at, 21 December 2023

In indigenous traditions, it marks the year's shortest day, symbolizing life's cyclical dance of death and rebirth. It calls us to cherish the light amid darkness within and outside us. It calls us for deep introspection, urging us to release our old stall energies and embrace renewal and hope. It is rooted in nature's cyclical rhythms and emphasizes our bond with the Earth and its cycles.

This special time also celebrates the healing power of community, drawing people together in warmth and love. In today's world, the Winter Solstice invites us to pose, take a breath, and reflect on our fast-paced, chaotic lives. It resonates as a reminder of interconnectedness, emphasizing the need for balance and reverence for the natural world.

This is an invitation to come together, light a candle, and sing from our homes all around the globe to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

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Channeling the World to Come

With Daniel Foor at Ancestral Medicine, 21 December 2023

We human folk are meaning-makers, creatures of pattern and story, relational to the core. Cave paintings over 40,000 years old are but a recent record of our entanglement and dreaming with our Earth kin over time. In this co-woven solstice teaching and guided ritual, participants will be invited to visit their creative and spiritual practices with a focus on conscious partnership with the greater.

Presenters will share from their personal journey of learning to more consciously partner with the ancestors, the Earth, and the unseen, both in their artistic endeavors and in their everyday life. The approach will be kind, encouraging, and culturally mindful. The intent is for those who join to both feel inspired in their daily lives and creative endeavors and to acquire a new skill or two for partnering with supportive forces. Join this ritual and guided practice to close out one year and welcome the next.

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A Glimpse Behind the Scenes at Shamans Directory
Recorded Saturday 09 December 2023
Approximately 2 hours

At Shamans Directory we are dedicated to bringing shamanic earth-based wisdom to the world's doorstep. If you are ready for a new kind of healing we invite you to make shamanic wisdom and medicine a part or your regular health and wellbeing routine. At this free live webinar you will:

We invite you to watch the replay here

Shamans Directory YouTube link

Shamanic earth-based traditions are ancient teachings and practices that have existed across the continents since the beginning of time, and yet they have been widely forgotten and overlooked by the modern world. Shamanic wisdom and medicine has been preserved for centuries because it is still relevant, practical, and effective today. Ever evolving and adapting to meet the needs of the communities that it serves, today the community is a global one.

In these changing and transformative times, we are collectively being asked to evolve; to awaken and remember our original authenticity, to move from separation to collaboration, from indulgence to reciprocity, from ownership to stewardship, and from the mundane to the sacred. Each one of us is a unique drop of the divine, a sacred seed, integral to the unified whole. Shamanism invites us to awaken our sacred seed of consciousness, to do our part in the collective web of life, and assist in the healing of ourselves and the world around us.

Shamans Directory is delighted to welcome you to join is at the Gathering At The Cosmic Fire Summit from 27 Nov through 01 Dec 2023, where shamanic earth-based healers, teachers, thought-leaders and allies have been invited to guide our way into the future. Shamans Directory is an online global platform for shamanic services, created to give access to shamanic earth-based healing and bring shamanic wisdom and medicine to the forefront of people’s minds when considering their overall health and wellbeing, and the future of our planet.

The Gathering At The Cosmic Fire Summit is committed to making shamanic earth-based healing an everyday practice; free of barriers, accessible, approachable, and inclusive to all people. You will hear from 30+ honored wisdom keepers, elders from Original, Indigenous, First Nation Peoples, and Western born shamanic earth-based practitioners from across the continents. See below a sampling of illuminating topics that my friends and colleagues will be presenting around the Cosmic Fire.

You are invited to attend this timely and valuable shamanic earth-based Summit for FREE:

Gathering At The Cosmic Fire
Let The Shamans Light The Way
A Global Online Summit, 27 Nov - 01 Dec, 2023
Click here to join us now FREE
Link to:

You will emerge from the Gathering At The Cosmic Fire Summit with inspiring tools and insights to find your own unique medicine gifts and share them with the world around you. You definitely don’t want to miss this! Feel free to share this event with anyone who may be interested in joining us.

With Grandmother Flordemayo
In-Person and Online
Santa Fe New Mexico
October 13-15, 2023

The Sacred Reciprocity Gathering for Mother Earth is a powerful and timely 3-day retreat for unity, healing, and awakening at this pivotal moment on Earth. Indigenous Elders, Seed Keepers and progressive spiritual voices will come together to offer guidance, blessings, sacred ceremony, and higher wisdom.

The Land of Enchantment, in particular the area surrounding Santa Fe, is the perfect location to experience the potent transformational energies of this important Gathering. You are invited to join Grandmother Flordemayo and other esteemed Elders for a once in a lifetime in-person and online event.

An ancient prophecy, known by many of the world's indigenous tribes, says, “When the Grandmothers from the four directions speak, a new time comes to humanity.” Grandmother Flordemayo, Unci Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance, and Grandmother Mona Polacca were some of the first to answer the call as founders of The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

During this event you will be invited to:

Join Grandmother Flordemayo in conversation and ceremony, planting seeds of prayer, peace, and intention for our collective future. The time is now. You may attend in-person or online.

Learn more and register

Reclaiming Wisdom Through Connection
With Shayne Case
Saturday October 28, 2023
8am PDT / 11am PDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

Discover the power of ancestral storytelling and meditation in this transformative offering. In a world where cultural genocide has stripped Indigenous peoples of language, ceremonies, and stories, it is essential for us to reconnect with our roots and reclaim our wisdom.

Join Shayne on a journey to honor the Lakota storytelling traditions. Drawing inspiration from the stars, plants, rocks, and the collective experiences of her Indigenous ancestors, we will explore the profound impact of colonization and the importance of retrieving our lost narratives.

This meditation experience will offer a safe and nurturing space to explore your own personal heritage and foster a deeper connection to your own ancestral lineages. By delving into the rich tapestry of stories, we will seek to heal the wounds of the past.

Shamans Directory Member Shayne Case is a mother, medicine person, writer, and storyteller in the oral tradition who has dedicated herself to listening to the languages of nature in order to reclaim her ancestral stories. Shayne is of mixed race German and Mniconjou, Lakota lineages and is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. She currently lives in Portland Oregon.

We invite you to watch the replay here

Shamans Directory YouTube link

Learn more about Shayne

With Owen Roberts
Saturday October 14, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

Shamanism is an ancient practice which the modern world needs desperately right now. In this talk you will learn why and what we can do about it.

The climate crisis stems from humanity’s disastrous attitude toward nature. Most of us do not see humanity as one species amongst many, but as possessing some special higher status. Not only is this attitude harmful to the planet and thus to society, it is harmful to each individual. Humans need to feel a connection with nature. Science now teaches that this is a biological need, hence the rise of “ecotherapies.” But how far have we fallen when simply sitting quietly in nature is considered a special kind of activity?

What we do in the world stems from how we think and see, and how we feel about it. These derive from our soul’s relationship with the world. If we change the soul’s relationship to nature, then thinking, feeling and seeing will follow. Shamanism can bring you to a soul-deep partnership with all natural things. And if you wish, it can offer ways for you to spread this to others. The shamanic path is a path of extraordinary experiences, though ceremonies, initiations and meetings with the beings of the spirit realms. If society can see the world shamanically, we will solve the climate crisis.

Join Shamans Directory Member Owen Roberts as he shares the dimensions of the shamanic path; how it can bring you into harmony with nature, and what that it can do for all of us, teacher or student, wounded or healer. You will hear some of the profound lessons that Owen has learned from those who walk their ancestral paths in Mongolia, Africa and Peru and how these teachings can be used by us today, to plant seeds for a new, sustainable, way of being for ourselves as individuals and for society as well. Simple exercises will be offered to produce a more accurate way of seeing, a cosmic consciousness, in which you feel like one member of a huge planetary community on a rotating sphere in an immense cosmos.

Whether you are a shamanic practitioner or a student, we are sure this will broaden your perspective. All are welcome.

We invite you to watch the replay here

Shamans Directory YouTube link

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