In person with Bhola Banstola
Kathmandu, Nepal
September 4 - September 19, 2023
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Shamans Directory Ambassador Bhola Nath Banstola is a valued teacher of Nepali-Khasa Himalayan Shamanism and a 27th generation Nepali shaman. He has a graduate in cultural anthropology and has spent many years in the shamanic communities of Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Bhola is the Founder and President of the Nepalese Shamans Association and will be your guide and teacher for this pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place to renew and recharge spiritually, to meet and learn from renowned teachers, and to seek healing in far-off places. These are the most common forms of pilgrimage in Nepal. Every day of this pilgrimage will offer new revelations and opportunities to explore the richness of Nepali culture and practice.

Nepal is one of the few countries where a millennium-old lineage of wisdom-carrying shamans still live. The renowned Dhami-Jhankri-Shamans, both men and women with diverse cultural backgrounds, will share the rituals and practices of their lineages in an eco-friendly village nestled on the slopes of Nagarkot Hills above the medieval heritage town of Bhaktapur.

Presentations and ceremonies will offer intimate and powerful experiences for everyone, and focus specifically on Nepal’s rich and varied shamanic culture. As humankind's oldest spiritual healing practice, shamanism helps us address past events, enrich the present moment, and envision the future. Universally recognized spiritual healing supports our emotional and psychological health. There is no use of any mind-altering plants or substances in this tradition.

All of the Nepal Pilgrimages help to preserve the wisdom of their beloved ancestors and are designed to be comfortably suited to individuals and groups from different corners of the planet, even without previous experience.

Namaste! Bhola looks forward to welcoming you to Nepal.

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In person with Maestro Dario Poletti
Cielo de la Vera, in Extremadura, Spain
August 4-6, 2023
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Icaros, or ikaros, are songs that are interpreted as an accompaniment to healing ceremonies with sacred plants. They are musical prayers that embody the powers of the spirits of plants and animals, deities, ancestors and elemental forces. Channeled into this reality by healers, they are used as effective healing agents, powerful spiritual tools, or creators of ineffable kingdoms.

Each icaro is unique, responding to certain techniques of interpretation, singing, voice emission and breathing, as well as certain rhythmic patterns, musical scales, formal structures, and poetic themes, to guarantee real compliance with its harmonizing and healing purpose.

Darío Poletti is a musician and composer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his workshops, he shares knowledge and experience that he has gathered over 25 years of contributing his own music and accompanying the work of various facilitators in the ceremonial context of Master Plants. Maestros include: Emerson Jackson (Navajo Nation), Alonso del Río (Peru), Sacha Domenech (Argentina ), among others. Much of his inspiration comes from the work of retreats and diets carried out in the hills of the Argentine Northwest. In the ceremonial context, in addition to his own singing, he uses a multiplicity of sounds from different parts of the world including: kalimbas, sikus, African udu, charango, ronroco, and native flutes. His singing includes his own compositions and also innumerable traditional ikaros used in the Amazon jungle. Dario's music can easily be found wherever you listen online.

This training is for you if …

No previous experience is required.

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Living From Gratitude, Courage, Generosity & Wonder
With Jane Burns at The Shift Network
A free introduction to her 7 week online course!
Course begins June 7, 2023

The lush lands of the Gaels are alive with the healing energies of the ancestors, ancient Gods and Goddesses, the Bards, Druids, and faeries of Celtic history and lore. No matter our native land, they are calling us to embrace the healing wisdom of the early shamans and the transformative practices of Indigenous cultures.

Join shamanic teacher and practitioner Jane Burns, and discover myths and rituals to evoke the ancient medicine of Celtic shamanism. Open to the wonder, wisdom, and wildness of the natural world and your own inner landscape.  These energies, the stories of the lands, and the practices inspired by Celtic shamanism, steeped in gratitude, generosity, courage, and wonder, offer us a special kind of medicine that brings us back home to our true selves.

Learn more and watch here 

Exploring Allyship and Indigenous Wisdom
With Dr. Alexis Bunton, PhD
June 21 through August 16, 2023

The Fountain and WAQAA LLC are proud to present the Allyship Program, committed to shifting our economies from predacious models to ones that promote flourishing for all. Facilitated by Mother Earth Delegation member Dr. Alexis Bunton, this program is designed to expand our understanding of how Indigenous knowledge can help to transform economies, strategize for organizational decolonization, and create allyship with Indigenous Peoples across the world.

Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to explore various topics in a modular format. Some of the key areas that will be covered include:

  1. Indigenous Peoples’ diversity, knowledge, and protocols
  2. Collaborating with Indigenous partners
  3. Understanding colonization and decolonization
  4. Learning from Indigenous economies
  5. Cultural and intellectual property appropriation
  6. Access to knowledge
  7. Organizational decolonization
  8. Science and spirituality

Discover the transformative power of Indigenous knowledge, learn how to be an effective ally through this Allyship Program, and contribute to the transformation of our world!

Learn more and register here

About Dr. Alexis Bunten, PhD
Alexis co-directs the Bioneers Indigeneity Program. She has served as a manager, media-maker, consultant and applied researcher for Indigenous, social and environmental programming for over 15 years. Alexis’ areas of expertise include Indigenous economic development, organizational decolonization, and cross-cultural communications. After receiving a BA in Art History at Dartmouth College, Alexis went on to earn a PhD in Cultural Anthropology at UCLA. In addition to publishing widely about Indigenous and environmental issues, Alexis is the author of So, how long have you been Native?, Life as an Alaska Native Tour Guide, and the follow up anthology, Indigenous Tourism Movements.

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Reclaim Your Cosmic Destiny With a Shamanic Roadmap
With don Oscar Miro-Quesada at The Shift Network
A free introduction to his 7 week course!
Saturday June 17, 2023

As our world continues to experience turmoil, even the most devoted spiritual seekers can find themselves feeling profoundly disconnected, from themselves, those around them, and Mother Earth.

Do you long to know more about the driving force behind what’s happening in our world? In his brand-new hour-long event, don Oscar will share how you can energize and expand your life’s vision through deep immersion in the cosmic pathway of Universal Shamanism, with your unique evolutionary soul map as your guide.

You will learn how the Taripaypacha prophecy provides a powerful lens to rethink your cosmic identity, and realize you are actually a powerful co-creator of the Universe, fully capable of contributing to the wellbeing of humanity and beyond.

Don Oscar will also share practical tips for exploring the depths of this planetary shift without feeling overwhelmed. This will set you free to understand your soul’s unique evolutionary journey, and the self-actualization, clarity, love, and joy that comes along with it.

Join him and learn to navigate the multidimensional domains of human consciousness as a practitioner of Universal Shamanism — and celebrate the divine agency of healing transformation and personal growth as you align with your soul’s cosmic pathway.

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Taking Medicine for the Earth Work to Higher Frequencies for the Benefit of our Health and the Planet
With Sandra Ingerman
June 13-July 25, 2023

In her book Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins, Sandra Ingerman takes the reader on a remarkable journey through the history of transmutation, teaching us how we can use this forgotten technique to change ourselves and our environment. Proud of the results that have been accomplished, Sandra believes there is a way for us to move forward with the work to experience even more of the miracles that Isis and her other helping spirits say are possible!

This Deeper Dive Course is designed to explore the following questions:

Are you ready to work from a higher place of light? To do this, Sandra says we will need discipline to bring intention, love, unity, concentration, focus, harmony, and imagination, taught in the Medicine for the Earth work, fully into our practice - as this is the formula for creating miracles.

See full details including prerequisite

For an application
Please email your request to Sylvia Edwards at

Exploring Plant Energies and Archetypes
With Adriana Ayales at The Shift Network
Free introduction to her 9 week online course!
Course begins June 5, 2023

Are you intrigued by the mysterious powers of the moon? Do you notice how the energy of the moon sometimes shifts your state of being, in body, mind, or spirit? According to the ancient wisdom of medical astrology, the moon, the sun, and all the planets in our solar system hold archetypal energies that correspond to different aspects of our bodies. Plants also hold archetypal qualities that, when prepared and used correctly, positively affect how our physical, mental, and emotional systems function.

Renowned rainforest herbalist and medicine maker Adriana Ayales, an educator, writer, and founder of Anima Mundi Herbals, bridges the principles of these ancient remedies, along with the power of ritual to connect ancestral ways of diagnostics and the spiritual aspects of the natural world with the preparation and usage of herbal medicine.

In this session you will

Join Adriana as she explore the ancient wisdom of medical astrology, the correlation between the archetypal energies of herbs, their planetary influences, and how they correspond to the various systems of our body, and how that knowledge can help you create powerful plant remedies from your own garden for protection, intuition, and wellbeing.

Watch the event as scheduled or receive a downloadable recording.

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Shamans Directory Ambassador Imelda Almqvist is a prolific painter, author, musician, and international teacher of Sacred Art and Seiðr/Old Norse Traditions, the ancestral wisdom teachings of Northern Europe. Imelda is offering her MAKING SACRED ART INTRODUCTION COURSE online for the first time! Until now, this course has only been offered in-person, but Imelda has now made it available in three separate webinars.

Learn about what makes sacred art different from other forms of art and start creating your own. This course does not require great skills in drawing and painting, only an open heart and sincere willingness to engage in making spirit-led art. This month, in class three, the concept of ‘The Leavings of the Wolf’ and the teachings of the Norse God Tyr, will be explored, including the idea of personal sacrifice in return for knowledge and spiritual strength.

Imelda recommends all students of this course to read her book Sacred Art, A Hollow Bone For Spirit. Using it as a textbook and completing all the chapter exercises while working with the webinar material, will bring a lot of enrichment, deepening and shifting of perspectives!

Join now and catch up on the previous two sessions.

CLASS #1 Labyrinths, Medieval Art, Life as a Pilgrimage - 08 February 2023
CLASS #2 The Woman Who Repairs Stories - 29 March 2023
CLASS #3 The Leavings of the Wolf: Norse God Tyr - 10 May 2023

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Learn more about Imelda, including upcoming in-person events

Alchemical Healing
With Zahra Indigo Rønlov
May 09 - June 27, 2023

"The initiations are designed to create openings and to generate a new level of experience from which you can continue your work from a more expanded place than wherever you were when you started. They may introduce you into new dimensions of consciousness where power, intelligence, and additional frequencies of energy are available." ~ Nicki Scully (Alchemical Healing book page 47)

Alchemical healing brings together innovative techniques of shamanism and energetic healing with the principles of alchemy, creating a practical form of physical healing, therapeutic counseling, and spiritual growth. In honor of the book Alchemical Healing, Zahra Indigo Ronlov will be offering an online course of eight classes to forward the important teachings of Nicky Scully, an author, teacher and healer of shamanism and the Egyptian mysteries.

Course topics will include: Ethics in Healing, Principles of Alchemical Healing, Plant Spirits, Allies, Elements, Healing Techniques, as well as many powerful initiations and exercises. Alchemical healing presents a sacred journey into the most profound principles and mysteries of creation. It provides ways to integrate spirit and matter, to develop communications between divinity and humanity, to retrieve knowledge, and to influence physical reality in order to achieve healing and transformation. It offers both an art form and a spiritual path that develops one’s ability to co-create the future with the wisdom of the spirit world.

“Alchemical healing gives access to our innate inner wisdom and healing as well as a connection to all of the cosmos. In this way, we can enter into an optimum state of well-being personally, communally, and globally. It is a gift to show up and pay attention.” ~ Zahra Indigo

This course is appropriate for both those who have not yet taken any Alchemical Healing classes, as well as for those who have taken Alchemical Healing classes in the past.

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Learn more about Zahra

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