Frequency Alchemy and The Ceremony of Song
With Eva Tree Blum
Saturday 10 February 2024
8pm PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET
Approximately 60-90 minutes

Join Shamans Directory Member Eva Tree for a loving and playful shamanic journey to amplify your highest frequency through sound exploration, mantra, icaros, and healing medicine songs.

In the Andean mystical teachings, as in many shamanic earth-based communities around the world, breath, tone and song, are practices of transformation, reverence, and activated prayer.

Medicine songs such as icaros, which are well known to the plant medicine community, are songs sung by shamans or curanderos as a part of healing ceremonies. Traditionally, these songs are performed with a combination of whistling, singing, and playing an instrument such as the rattle, drum, or flute.

Deeply buried within each and every one of us is a knowledge of life, hidden away or estranged from our consciousness, an orphaned essence, that through vibration and song, can be welcomed back into our hearts with unconditional love. Given the right conditions, this innate knowledge can come forefront, illuminating a bright new path of healing, one of authentic expression, creativity, and joy!

This mini workshop will be an invitation to sing and dance with our own living energy. We will explore the meaning and purpose of icaros, as well as how to trust yourself to receive your own sound coding.

Please bring an open heart, a glass of water, a flower, some incense, and a candle.

We invite you to watch the replay here

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A Talking Circle in Anishinaabe Tradition
With Monica McWhirter
Saturday 27 January 2024
Approximately 2-3 hours

We live in a linear world, where most of us are asked to choose one path at a time and to follow it to a definitive end. We are asked to do this with our schooling, our careers, our relationships, our faiths and our societal beliefs. But what if we feel called by more than one path - or many - and what happens when we are faced with contradictory messages?

According to the Indigenous teachings of Peru we are being called to a point of meeting ourselves again known as the Taripaypacha, where humanity reaches the 4th level of potential for being human. Here, we are able to see and experience all things cosmically, globally, enabling us to serve from a place of being consciously aligned with the Universe. One of the criteria that characterizes a 4th level human is the ability to fully embrace and embody two or more traditions in our heart, without question, conflict, or resistance; perhaps Buddhism and Judaism, Christianity and Andean Cosmology, shamanic earth-based healing and Western medicine. Have you done this? Are you working on it? How has it changed your life, your commitments, and the way you view the world?

Talking Circles are a place to address topics of importance within a community, and to listen and learn from one another in the traditional way of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. We hope that you will join us to learn from and be inspired by others.

This talking circle will be facilitated by Monica McWhirter who is Algonquin, Metis and Polish, Bear and Buffalo Clan. Monica has facilitated Talking Circles and Healing Circles for over a decade. We are proud to have her serving as the Indigenous Liaison for Shamans Directory.

Chi Miigwetch!
All are welcome.

We invite you to watch the replay here

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Celebrating the Three Worlds Within
With Wilbert Salas Atasi
Recorded Saturday 13 January 2023
Approximately 2 hours

Bring your gratitude and intentions for the new year, and prepare to release those things that no longer serve you.

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Team Member Wilbert Salas Atasi is a master shaman who resides in Cuzco, Peru. Wilbert has been with Shamans Directory since our inception and has offered us many blessings, ceremonies, and initiation rites for both personal and global transformation. He believes in the development of our own medicine and offering it to the greater community for the enhancement of all. Wilbert naturally brings his total being to the gifts he offers to us and to the world and we are blessed to receive his current offering.

Andean Cosmology recognizes the three aspects of being: Uhupacha  (lower world), Kaypacha (middle world) and Hanaqpacha (upper world). The personal alignment of these three worlds readies us to meet the moment with integrity, internal harmony, and vibrant energy. These worlds are intertwined with the qualities of Munay (experiencing the world through the heart), Yachay (sourcing divine vision), and Llanky (taking heart-centered action to clearly manifest our visions).

Please join our global shamanic community to receive Wilbert’s special energy gift. Awaken what lies within, revitalize your being, and ready yourself to impact the unfolding of 2024 from a centered and energized state.

We invite you to watch the replay here

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At Shamans Directory, we are committed to making shamanic earth-based healing an everyday practice; free of barriers, accessible, approachable, and inclusive to all people. Each month we explore courses, events, travel opportunities, publications and more, to enrich your shamanic experience. This month, we honor the coming and going of the sun, by highlighting the Solstice events being offered by our Ambassadors, Directory Members and friends.



With Taita Don Manuel Calazacon and Family, 19 December 2023

Join a time-honored Tsachila celebration of the sacred solstice led by Taita Don Manuel Calazacon and his beautiful family. They will light the sacred fire and share their tribal traditional wisdom stories, prayers, songs, powerful music, and dances. This online experience will be broadcast directly from their ancestral land in the Santo Domingo de Los Colorados in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador.

The Solstice is a bi-annual solar event celebrated and revered in cultures worldwide. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year, time of darkness and looking inward, but also the tipping point, that marks the start of the days getting longer - a time in preparation for the awakening of spring.

A recording of this event will be available for all ticket holders for 30 days.

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Winter Solstice and Fire Tender's Gathering

With Renee Baribeau and Special Guests, 20-23 December 2023

Join Renee Baribeau and special guests for the 12th Annual "I Am" Winter Solstice & Fire Tenders Gathering. Fire Tenders assemble to maintain the glow, collectively creating space to usher in the Winter and the New Year. The Winter Solstice, coupled with the Mid-Winter Winds, offers the ideal energetic framework to shift our communal energies. It is an opportunity to master the art of navigating these pivotal moments in time.

Prepare for an invigorating journey that you can embark on from the comfort of your home at no cost! Enhance your journey by committing to keep a flame or light alive during the "I Am" Winter Solstice virtual event. Being a Fire Tender in this way will not only contribute to the spirit of community, but also promises to be a source of immense personal satisfaction and growth as well. Even lighting a simple candle can make an impact. How effortless is that? There are multiple ways to engage. Participate live with our Wind Clan or have the daily recordings sent directly to your inbox.

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With Fredy Puma Quispe Singona and Family, 21 December 2023

This month the divine feminine is in her most potent power, and with the Solstice, the masculine polarity will begin to become activated again, bringing powerful support and guidance. When we connect consciously to the cycle of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Father Sun, we have access to powerful portals that open on specific dates to help us with anything we need.

This solstice is a powerful time to ask for deeper self-discovery, spiritual growth, prosperity, joy, abundance, health and love in our next cycle!

You are invited to end the year in this beautiful ceremony with Noqan Kani. It is the time of acknowledging the endings and new beginnings of our life, honoring the past and clearing the space to make room for all the blessings of the new year.

We are praying for a year of powerful, gentle and effortless global transformation, and spiritual awakening in our service for Pachamama.

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With Peruvian Medicine Woman Vilma Pinedo, 21 December 2023

As we approach a special time for the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, a time in which the cycle of the Sun starts changing for both poles, we are called to align with these movements. In the South the heat of the light is at its highest, in the North at its lowest. And just like in life we can connect and learn from each other. Sometimes our energy shines the brightest, sometimes it needs to rest.

In honoring of the energy of Father Sun, and connecting with the blessings of transformation and rebirth in this time of the year, each participant will be requested to gather a series of materials so that you can make your own offering from home. Vilma will explain this in a practical and loving way. A contribution is voluntary and the sign up is done through the link below. Once you sign up you will receive an email with all the information to participate.

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With Itzhak Beery at, 21 December 2023

In indigenous traditions, it marks the year's shortest day, symbolizing life's cyclical dance of death and rebirth. It calls us to cherish the light amid darkness within and outside us. It calls us for deep introspection, urging us to release our old stall energies and embrace renewal and hope. It is rooted in nature's cyclical rhythms and emphasizes our bond with the Earth and its cycles.

This special time also celebrates the healing power of community, drawing people together in warmth and love. In today's world, the Winter Solstice invites us to pose, take a breath, and reflect on our fast-paced, chaotic lives. It resonates as a reminder of interconnectedness, emphasizing the need for balance and reverence for the natural world.

This is an invitation to come together, light a candle, and sing from our homes all around the globe to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

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Channeling the World to Come

With Daniel Foor at Ancestral Medicine, 21 December 2023

We human folk are meaning-makers, creatures of pattern and story, relational to the core. Cave paintings over 40,000 years old are but a recent record of our entanglement and dreaming with our Earth kin over time. In this co-woven solstice teaching and guided ritual, participants will be invited to visit their creative and spiritual practices with a focus on conscious partnership with the greater.

Presenters will share from their personal journey of learning to more consciously partner with the ancestors, the Earth, and the unseen, both in their artistic endeavors and in their everyday life. The approach will be kind, encouraging, and culturally mindful. The intent is for those who join to both feel inspired in their daily lives and creative endeavors and to acquire a new skill or two for partnering with supportive forces. Join this ritual and guided practice to close out one year and welcome the next.

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Telling a Different Story for a Healthier Reality
With Roberta Boyce and J. Dallas Gudgell
Saturday September 23, 2023
8am PDT / 11am PDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

In the coming time of transition it will be important for people to find themselves; to locate their own centers in a new way. The rules that we are used to change during times of transition, and the processes and methods for navigating the world that we have been accustomed to may fail to yield familiar results.

The time of individual-centric operations is passing. Community, cooperation, and collaboration are touchstones for our connection to the natural world of the future. We will need new tools to locate our inner selves, and at once differentiate ourselves while embracing and finding peace in the collective.

Through marrying Dakota cosmology with channeled information Dallas and Roberta provide a meditative container for investigating a ‘sense of self’ outside the restrictions of our current mindset; initiating an opportunity to view ourselves and the world from a more expanded, centered, and grounded place.

About Roberta and Dallas
Shamans Directory Member Roberta Boyce is the founder of Essential Sacred Self, a system that interweaves shamanic technologies, crystalline networks, and expanded consciousness to invite connecting and embody  potential. For this event, she combines her gifts with those of her colleague J. Dallas Gudgell, who, over the past 30+ years has served as an educator and life coach, and worked closely with elected officials on issues involving education, indigenous concerns, climate justice, human rights, and environmental protection and conservation.

We invite you to watch the replay here

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Tuesday August 01, 2023
9am-3pm PDT / 12pm-6pm EDT / 6pm-midnight CET
Approximately 6 hours - each teaching is 1-2 hours

“We are all part of the ancient Sacred Circle of Life. The essential truth of this reality cannot be denied no matter how we look at it; it is simply an irrevocable truth. To embrace and reclaim our Indigenous relationship to all Life is to remember and lovingly celebrate our sacred relationship with our Mother Earth, all relatives of our One Human Family and our kinship with all Life.”  ~ Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. 

Indigenous Teachings hold the wisdom and the medicine to restore our right relationship with the earth, with one another and with all living things. We believe that these Teachings should be available to all people who are seeking them.

To honor and celebrate Mother Earth and the Indigenous Teachings of Turtle Island, we are inviting anyone who would like to attend this FREE day of Traditional Teachings and ceremony to join us. For the gift of receiving these teachings, we ask that all who participate offer one act of love and kindness to Mother Earth.

Please join us and feel free to share this invitation. See event details below. For those of you who are working or have other commitments, all sessions will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel after the event.

With Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.
9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 6pm CET

Chief Phil Lane, Jr. is a world renowned Elder and member of the Dakota and Chickasaw Nations who has dedicated his life to the fulling the prophecy of the Condor, Hummingbird, Quetzal and Eagle. As a Traditional teacher, community advocate, scholar and man who lives his life walking the Red Road, Chief Phil Lane Jr. is a honored member of the Indigenous Community from Turtle Island. In 1982, Chief Phil Lane Jr. co-founded the Four Winds International Institute. Chief Phil Lane Jr. has worked with Indigenous Peoples from the Americas, Micronesia, South East Asia, China, India, Hawaii and Africa. He served 16 years as an associate professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta in Lethbridge.

Watch the replay

With Mark Stonefish, Community Elder
10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 7pm CET

Mark Stonefish is a Sweat Lodge Conductor of Choctaw descent. At a very young age, Mark was initiated into the Hobichi (Choctaw Sweathouse) and the Native American Church of Mississippi. Mark is a Pipe Keeper of the Gator Clan Pipe from Houma Louisiana and a member of  the Green Corn Dance Grounds in Porch Creek Alabama. Mark is known as a respected Elder within his community. Mark will speak from his experience in Southwestern and Midwestern Native America.

Watch the replay

With Elder Monty, Medicine Woman Erika "She Who Walks Through Fire," and Elder Keith Littlebear
11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 8pm CET

Experience a look inside the Catawba Nation. The Catawba Indians live on their ancestral lands along the banks of the Catawba River from North and South Carolina into Southern Virginia. The Catawba have long understood the need to work together and adapt to ever-changing circumstances while also continuing to preserve the most essential parts of their culture. The Tribe still recognizes the reservation as their homelands and feel connected to the ancestors that preserved their Nation by living there and passing the land down from generation to generation.

Watch the replay

With Jay Bird, Knowledge Keeper and Jiisikaan Conductor
1pm PDT / 4pm EDT / 10pm CET

Jay Bird is a Jiisikaan (Shake Tent) Conductor. He is Bear Clan and from the Batchewana First Nations of Ojibways, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. When Jay was four years hold he started attending ceremonies. Jay met his Elder and Teacher who provided him with years of ceremonies and guidance. In 2010 the Batchewana First Nation Chief and council gifted him the Sacred Pipe that he now carries. Jay further embraced his gifts to assist with healing and teaching in both his and other communities. Jay Bird is known as a respected teacher and Elder.

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With Monica McWhirter, Indigenous Liaison for Shamans Directory
3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 12am CET

Monica McWhirter is Metis and Algonquin. Monica is Bear and Buffalo Clan. She is a cultural teacher who lives life according to the 7 Grandfather Teachings. She has facilitated Talking Circles and Healing Circles for over a decade. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada. She is the Indigenous Liaison for Shamans Directory. Monica is known as an Auntie in her community.

Shamans Directory YouTube link

In person with Bhola Banstola
Kathmandu, Nepal
September 4 - September 19, 2023
Book your reservations this month

Shamans Directory Ambassador Bhola Nath Banstola is a valued teacher of Nepali-Khasa Himalayan Shamanism and a 27th generation Nepali shaman. He has a graduate in cultural anthropology and has spent many years in the shamanic communities of Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Bhola is the Founder and President of the Nepalese Shamans Association and will be your guide and teacher for this pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place to renew and recharge spiritually, to meet and learn from renowned teachers, and to seek healing in far-off places. These are the most common forms of pilgrimage in Nepal. Every day of this pilgrimage will offer new revelations and opportunities to explore the richness of Nepali culture and practice.

Nepal is one of the few countries where a millennium-old lineage of wisdom-carrying shamans still live. The renowned Dhami-Jhankri-Shamans, both men and women with diverse cultural backgrounds, will share the rituals and practices of their lineages in an eco-friendly village nestled on the slopes of Nagarkot Hills above the medieval heritage town of Bhaktapur.

Presentations and ceremonies will offer intimate and powerful experiences for everyone, and focus specifically on Nepal’s rich and varied shamanic culture. As humankind's oldest spiritual healing practice, shamanism helps us address past events, enrich the present moment, and envision the future. Universally recognized spiritual healing supports our emotional and psychological health. There is no use of any mind-altering plants or substances in this tradition.

All of the Nepal Pilgrimages help to preserve the wisdom of their beloved ancestors and are designed to be comfortably suited to individuals and groups from different corners of the planet, even without previous experience.

Namaste! Bhola looks forward to welcoming you to Nepal.

Join the pilgrimage by emailing Bhola

Learn more about the Nepalese Shamanic Path

Traditional Talking Circle Honoring the Ancestors and Magnified Healing Crossing Over Ceremony
With Monica McWhirter and Consuelo Marroquin
Saturday June 23, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 3 hours

Topic: Restoring and Healing Our Relationship with the Ancestors.

The traditions of the Anishinaabe Peoples and other First Nation communities across the world are rich with teachings that honor and celebrate the ancestors. It is a common practice in these communities to have ancestor altars, to feast them, and to communicate with them regularly.

It has been said, that one of the reasons for the extent of pain and discomfort that we are experiencing  on the earth at this time, is that we have neglected our ancestors. There are ancestors who have vital wisdom to share and are waiting to be heard, and others who are still suffering in this realm, unable to move on, due to trauma that they experienced in their lifetime with no one to assist them. This Talking Circle and Crossing Over Ceremony is an invitation to heal and restore our walk with those who have gone before us.

The Ancestors are speaking. Are you listening? What do they have to say? Are you aware of wisdom or suffering that has gone unanswered? Are you ready to answer their call? There will be two rounds in this talking circle where you will have the opportunity to share your current relationship with the ancestors and your promise going forward.

This session will end with a Crossing Over Ceremony for all of the ancestors who are ready to let go of their earthly suffering and move on to a higher vibration of pure Love, Light, and Freedom.

Talking Circles are traditionally offered by a skilled facilitator and an Elder who is working within their community. As we are a global platform, we are privileged to have Monica McWhirter an Algonquin and Metis Woman, a cultural teacher who lives life according to the 7 Grandfather Teachings facilitating the Talking Circle and Conusulo Marroquin, a seasoned practitioner of Magnified Healing, Reiki and Shamanic Energy Medicine guiding the Crossing Over Ceremony.

We invite you to watch the replay here

Shamans Directory YouTube link

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Learn more about Consuelo

The award-winning documentary Mama Irene, Healer of the Andes follows a remarkable 86-year-old medicine woman from Peru, in her everyday life, revealing her incredible life journey, and her gift of healing, drawn from indigenous knowledge and traditions. The film is not only a vital document of endangered wisdom, but also a story about women's empowerment, and a testimony to living in harmony with Mother Earth. Mama Irene, Healer of the Andes is available for a limited time for streaming online any time until May 15, 2023.

On May 13, 2023, during Mother’s Day weekend, there will be a live event to honor the Sacred Feminine within each of us and in Nature. There will be a live conversation and ceremony with Mama Irene herself and with her grand-nephew and medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona. Mama Irene and Puma will guide us all, male and female, to better understand what it means to connect with the Sacred Feminine in our lives. They will perform a cleansing and blessing ceremony and teach us how to replicate it at home. There will be a time to listen, a time to ask questions, and a time to pray.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with a wisdom keeper and woman shaman from the Andes. If you are not available at the time of the event, don’t worry—as there will be a replay available.

If you have already seen the film and want to take part in the Live Event you can receive a 20% discount on Full Access Tickets. Use discount code "MAMAIRENE2"

Get your tickets

Watch the film trailer

Language: Quechua, English, Spanish
Subtitles available: English, Spanish, French, German

With Eva Tree Blum
Saturday May 13, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EST / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

Please join Shaman’s Directory Member Eva Tree in a co-created hummingbird gratitude ceremony. In reverence and sacred play, we will honor and celebrate our courageous and mighty pollinators and their vast contribution to humanity and the web of life.

In tribal legends across the Americas, hummingbird is portrayed as a Spirit being who connects us with the ancestral realms and often plays the important role of messenger from the afterworld. The ancient Mayan’s believed that the hummingbird was the “sun in disguise” appearing in hummingbird form to court the moon. Today Hummingbird is a clan animal in some Turtle Island (North American) cultures including the Pueblo of New Mexico and some Northwest Coastal tribes as well.

In addition to being the star of magic and mythology, hummingbirds also play a vital role in the physical realm as amazingly adapted and vital pollinators. Their long, slender bills and tube-like tongues drink up to two times their body weight in flower nectars per day; moving from plant to plant, pollinating native wildflowers and seasonal gardens; while eating mosquitoes and other tiny insects in mid-air for protein along the way!

Together, we will embark on a guided journey to celebrate our beloved pollinators who flutter, forage and creep from plant to plant. Activate your body temple with buzzing and song. Become more spacious and alive as we deepen our roots and blossom with our inner garden. Be in greater sacred reciprocity with Pachamama and our pollinator kin. Add our prayers and intentions towards the web of life and a vibrant future with Mother Earth.

We invite you to watch the replay here

Shamans Directory YouTube link

Learn more about Eva

Four Month Full Moon Ceremony Series
With Eva Tree Blum
Until June, 2023

Play, Pray, and live in Ayni-Sacred Reciprocity. 

Shamans Directory Member Eva Tree Blum is a seeker and lover of life, who is passionate about nature, healing, mysticism, art, poetry, animals, human relations, and The Living Energy. Eva has been a professional in the healing arts in private practice for over 23 years. She offers Shamanic Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Andean Energy Healing, Embodied Voice Alchemy, Somatic Mentorship and Coaching, and Ancestral Lineage Clearing. All these aim to deeply empower and increase vibrational frequencies for healing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

This March Full Worm Moon ceremony is the first of series that will continue through June. During this series we will co-create activated prayers and ceremony while deepening our connection with Ayllu-community. We will learn practical tools for limpia-clearing, ceremonial offerings, teachings of the three worlds, animal allies, Mesa Mysteries-Medicine bundles, and much more!

At the heart of this series is a deep love and commitment for PachaMama (Mother Earth). We will offer prayers for all those in the global community that need support in these times, offering support through the Container of Ceremony. This will be a time to connect, share, learn, and inspire one another. Let’s playfully practice what we know to be true in our hearts!

Winay Saminchay! Infinite Blessings!

Zoom link sent out upon registration

Learn more about Eva Tree

With Cynthia Honores
Saturday March 25, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours 

As above, so below. As within, so without.  

As we enter these major planetary shifts in 2023, a new era of support for spiritual practices is forecast. The intention for our ceremony is that the union of our energies, with the blessing of Spirit, the portal of the Spring Equinox, the New Moon, and the DNA activating power of the sacred plant medicine of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, may bring the continued alchemical healing of our hearts, serving to power up our inner medicine and sacred intentions.

Theobroma Cacao literally translates to ‘food of the gods’, but more than helping us connect with external forces of creation, it is meant to guide our connection to the creative forces inside us. Closely tied with the electro-magnetic current of the Earth, the cacao pod is also reflective of the sacred geometrical pattern of the Seed of Life, from which all patterns of harmony and balance are created.

The cacao pod thus literally embodies the concept of the fruit of wisdom and is a magical supporter and powerful alchemical activator of the highest vibration of our DNA during these catalyzing times.

For this ceremony, we highly recommend working with Ceremonial Grade Cacao. We especially love working with KAKAO, as they are a non-profit with the mission of preserving the sacredness of the Cacao bean.

NOTE: If you would like participate fully, you will want to have a cup of sacred cacao prepared before joining. Ordering information is below. Of course you are welcome to be present without it. If this your first purchase from KAKAO, please use this link for a 10% discount on your first order.

About Cynthia
Shamans Directory Member Cynthia Honores was born in Peru and raised internationally. She is a both a student of the arts and practitioner of shamanic earth-based wisdom. Her passion for the alchemical healing power of plant intelligence led her to Sacred Cacao. She has a Medicinal Plant Certification from Cornell University and has completed the Cacao Facilitator Embodiment training program through the School of KAKAO, under the guidance of Michael and Makenzie McPherson, and the The Mayan Wisdom Project. A woman of many talents, Cynthia has studied Western Astrology since childhood and now has the honored position of being the resident Alchemical Astrologer for Sacred Planet.

We invite you to watch the replay here

Shamans Directory YouTube link

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