Why Shamanism Now

With Owen Roberts
Saturday October 14, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

Shamanism is an ancient practice which the modern world needs desperately right now. In this talk you will learn why and what we can do about it.

The climate crisis stems from humanity’s disastrous attitude toward nature. Most of us do not see humanity as one species amongst many, but as possessing some special higher status. Not only is this attitude harmful to the planet and thus to society, it is harmful to each individual. Humans need to feel a connection with nature. Science now teaches that this is a biological need, hence the rise of “ecotherapies.” But how far have we fallen when simply sitting quietly in nature is considered a special kind of activity?

What we do in the world stems from how we think and see, and how we feel about it. These derive from our soul’s relationship with the world. If we change the soul’s relationship to nature, then thinking, feeling and seeing will follow. Shamanism can bring you to a soul-deep partnership with all natural things. And if you wish, it can offer ways for you to spread this to others. The shamanic path is a path of extraordinary experiences, though ceremonies, initiations and meetings with the beings of the spirit realms. If society can see the world shamanically, we will solve the climate crisis.

Join Shamans Directory Member Owen Roberts as he shares the dimensions of the shamanic path; how it can bring you into harmony with nature, and what that it can do for all of us, teacher or student, wounded or healer. You will hear some of the profound lessons that Owen has learned from those who walk their ancestral paths in Mongolia, Africa and Peru and how these teachings can be used by us today, to plant seeds for a new, sustainable, way of being for ourselves as individuals and for society as well. Simple exercises will be offered to produce a more accurate way of seeing, a cosmic consciousness, in which you feel like one member of a huge planetary community on a rotating sphere in an immense cosmos.

Whether you are a shamanic practitioner or a student, we are sure this will broaden your perspective. All are welcome.

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