Welcome 2024 In Ceremony

Celebrating the Three Worlds Within
With Wilbert Salas Atasi
Recorded Saturday 13 January 2023
Approximately 2 hours

Bring your gratitude and intentions for the new year, and prepare to release those things that no longer serve you.

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Team Member Wilbert Salas Atasi is a master shaman who resides in Cuzco, Peru. Wilbert has been with Shamans Directory since our inception and has offered us many blessings, ceremonies, and initiation rites for both personal and global transformation. He believes in the development of our own medicine and offering it to the greater community for the enhancement of all. Wilbert naturally brings his total being to the gifts he offers to us and to the world and we are blessed to receive his current offering.

Andean Cosmology recognizes the three aspects of being: Uhupacha  (lower world), Kaypacha (middle world) and Hanaqpacha (upper world). The personal alignment of these three worlds readies us to meet the moment with integrity, internal harmony, and vibrant energy. These worlds are intertwined with the qualities of Munay (experiencing the world through the heart), Yachay (sourcing divine vision), and Llanky (taking heart-centered action to clearly manifest our visions).

Please join our global shamanic community to receive Wilbert’s special energy gift. Awaken what lies within, revitalize your being, and ready yourself to impact the unfolding of 2024 from a centered and energized state.

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