Water, Spirit & Dreams

Dreams, Spirit and Near Death Experiences
A Two Part Webinar and Book Discussion
With Veda Austin
13 July & 11 August 2024

Is consciousness bound only to a physical body? This is an interesting thought, especially when it comes to the realms of dreams, spirit, and near death experiences. Join Shamans Directory Ambassador, Water Keeper and Researcher Veda Austin for her upcoming 9-hour webinar Water, Spirit & Dreams where she will offer a deep dive into dreams and her work with water.

Much can be learned from the Indigenous on this topic. The Aborigines believe that Australia was 'dreamt' into existence by heroic people and animals who lie sleeping in the rocks, streams and land. Many ancients, religious and Indigenous people have woven water and spirit into their creation stories, symbolism, and texts. In her own Māori culture the word for “Spirit” is “Wairua,” meaning two waters: the physical and spiritual waters.

Veda will also offer a dedicated 4-hour presentation to speak in depth about her work with water, consciousness, and Spirit. She will cover topics from her new book The Living Language of Water ranging from water and consciousness, to water’s response to various musical genres, energy, homeopathy, Spirit, Indigenous wisdom, the power of thoughts and words, liquid crystal medicine, and more. She will discuss water’s ability to learn, and how it heals itself before it heals its environment. If you are in Europe this fall, you can join Veda in person on her UK/EU book tour!

Recordings of both webinars will be available for participants.

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