Tuning Into Your Soul's Blueprint

The Gifts of Hummingbird Medicine and the Ancient Cosmos
With Cynthia Honores
Saturday 13 July 2024
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET

Approximately 2 hrs

The Intersection of Shamanism and Astrology.

Hummingbird medicine is about possibility. It is about our sacred purpose and connecting with our highest destiny, no matter how improbable. When we shift our perception to the level of hummingbird, we connect with the realms of the soul, the mythic and the archetypal, and we trust the journey.

Art, music, synchronicities and symbols are the language of the soul. Our birth chart is our soul’s blueprint, and it contains the ancient symbols that guide our journey.

Join Shamans Directory Team Member, Alchemical Astrologer, and Founder of Hathor Cacao, Cynthia Honores to discover the mythic map that our soul created when setting its intention for this lifetime. Journey to connect with the guiding forces of the planets and through this deep remembrance, reconnect to your unique sacred purpose, your divine timing, and your highest potential and calling.

This session will also honor the Divine Feminine as Venus prepares to re-emerge in the July skies as the Evening Star.

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