Traditional Storytelling

Stories, Prophecies, Instructions, and Teachings
With the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations
Hosted by Grandmother Jyoti Ma
Thursday 25 April 2024

“At no time in history has Mother Earth needed her children to care more than at the present. The Elders teach us if we return to harmony in our lives, melting the ice in our hearts, reconnecting with one another, we will survive.” ~ Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Join Shamans Directory Ambassadors Grandmother Jyoti Ma and the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations, for an evening of storytelling offered by Grandmother Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, Randy Lays Bad, Kurikindi, Shawna Bluestar, Steven T. Newcomb, Mama Edie McLoud Armstrong, Grandmother Luisah Teish, and Uncle Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq.

Mother Earth gave Her sacred gift of storytelling to the Original Peoples in the beginning days. These creation stories, that also prophesize and instruct, have been passed down through the generations, and provide a tapestry of The Story of our existence. They share the bigger picture of Mother Earth’s story and how all of life has evolved.

The Mother Earth Delegation invites you to enter into this sacred space of ceremony, where traditional storytellers will share the stories that will help us walk through these challenging times. Give yourself the gift of listening. In addition to this storytelling webinar, there will also be an online conference call with the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations on 20 April 2024. Both are free for registration.

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