Traditional Ojibway Teachings

A Five Week Course
With Jay and Sweetie Bird
Mondays Beginning September 25, 2023
4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 1am CET

Shamans Directory Members Jay Bird (Aanimkii Giishigadoon) and his wife Sweetie (Ozawaa-Aanimkii-Binesikwe, Yellow Thunderbird Woman) will be offering traditional Ojibway Teachings throughout this 5-week course. This is the first time that these teachings will be offered outside of Ojibway communities.Jay and Sweetie will be sharing the truth of the origin of the teachings, and teaching both cultural and spiritual practices for everyone. Some of what you will learn will include ceremony and practices from before colonization. You are invited to enroll in this course to build on your spiritual foundations, shift your life, deepen your relationship to the Earth and Spirit, and walk as a caretaker of Mother Earth.During this course you will learn: Cultural Protocols on the original intent of what Spirit is asking us in this lifetime, Pipe Ceremony, Jiisakaan (Shake Tent) Teachings, Clan and naming - your name describes your clan and your clan describes your name, the role of a Traditional Practitioner (Medicine Person), and more.

Jay Bird is a Jiisikaan (Shake Tent) Conductor. He is Bear Clan and from the Batchewana First Nations of Ojibways, Sault Sainte Marie Ontario. When Jay was four years old he started attending ceremonies. He spent much of his youth in pursuit of excellence at the drum, attending powwows and connecting with Elders.

In 2010 the Batchewana First Nation Chief and council gifted him the Sacred Pipe that he now carries. Jay has embraced and furthered his gifts through years of study with Elders and now travels the US and Canada offering Traditional healing and teaching in both his and other communities. Jay Bird is known as a respected teacher and Elder.

Join him and Sweetie on this enlightening journey of embracing the wisdom of Ojibway traditions. All sessions will be recorded and available for review.

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Listen to Jay Bird share the story of Seven Clouds and his call to service as a healer

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