The Practice Of Changing Perspective

With Nate Long "Owl"
Saturday July 22, 2023
8am PDT / 11am PDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

Shamans Directory Member Nate Long is an Intentional Artist and community builder, who gains insight through meditative journey-work, and whose creations are truly a “made prayer” to address something bigger or deeper in the individual or in the greater world. There are many reasons to use journey-work as a tool. Journeying allows us (or Spirit) to change our perspective. It gives us a different angle from which to view an intention or situation, to better empathize and more easily find wisdom and solutions where previously we had thought there were none.

Life offers us a spectrum of experiences from physical and emotional traumas, to those that heal and sustain us with joy and love. For better and for worse, these things shape us into who we are. Deep journey work provides a unique way of engaging with our inner self, allowing us to explore the path to healing from different points of view. During this session, we will have an open discussion about recognizing and emphasizing the importance of perspective change as a part of our practice. To explore and deepen this idea a special flute and drum journey will be offered where you will be guided to meet your child self.

Stepping back to talk with your very young self provides you with the opportunity to explore who you were before any of your limiting beliefs were solidified. It’s a chance to listen to that child's story and provide advice, strength and love for them - perhaps even allow them to more easily navigate the things that are yet to come. This journey is not meant to fix or heal things in your past, but as an opportunity to simply sit, listen, and converse with this very unique and impressionable you.

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