The Indigenous Spirituality Of The Low Countries

Online Event Hosted by Christian Thurow at Shaman Portal
With Author, Artist, Teacher Imelda Almqvist
21 & 23 May 2024

In 2022 Shamans Directory Ambassador Imelda Almqvist published a unique book about the pre-Christian spirituality of The Low Countries, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg collectively. Entitled North Sea Water In My Veins, the book was deliberately written in English, so that people of Dutch/Germanic/Flemish ancestry overseas could access the material. This project inspired Imelda to reflect on her roots, to remember the things that her grandmothers told her, and to become aware of North Sea water quite literally pulsing in her veins.

This week Imelda will be offering two sessions with Christian Thurow at Shaman Portal, making this a Dutch-German collaboration! Below are the links and descriptions. Please tell any friends of Dutch/Germanic/Low Countries ancestry about this rare opportunity! Class 1 even involves a brief High Seat Ceremony where participants will receive a few words of personal guidance from the Witte Wieven! Class 2 will also examine the phenomenon of haunted houses!

1. The “With Wieven (Wise Pale Ladies) & Matters of Fate
Tue 21 May 2024 from 3-4:30pm EDT / 8- 9:30pm BST

2. Huisgoden: House Gods and Sprits of Land and Property
Thu 23 May 2024 from 3-4:30pm EDT / 8-9:30pm BST

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