The Gifts of Celtic Shamanism

Living From Gratitude, Courage, Generosity & Wonder
With Jane Burns at The Shift Network
A free introduction to her 7 week online course!
Course begins June 7, 2023

The lush lands of the Gaels are alive with the healing energies of the ancestors, ancient Gods and Goddesses, the Bards, Druids, and faeries of Celtic history and lore. No matter our native land, they are calling us to embrace the healing wisdom of the early shamans and the transformative practices of Indigenous cultures.

Join shamanic teacher and practitioner Jane Burns, and discover myths and rituals to evoke the ancient medicine of Celtic shamanism. Open to the wonder, wisdom, and wildness of the natural world and your own inner landscape.  These energies, the stories of the lands, and the practices inspired by Celtic shamanism, steeped in gratitude, generosity, courage, and wonder, offer us a special kind of medicine that brings us back home to our true selves.

  • Learn the Celtic way of seeing and being, and the importance of daily practices of gratitude, reciprocity, and self-protection.
  • Discover key archetypes of Celtic shamanism, including the ban feasa (the knowing woman), the ban chaointe (the keening woman), the omen hunter, and the faery doctor — and their roles in guiding, wisdom-keeping, and healing.
  • Take a journey to the Otherworld with Brigid, the great Irish Goddess and bringer of spring, new growth, and creative forces that will help you reshape your life
  • Experience a revitalizing appreciation for the beauty and wisdom of the Earth, and what’s possible beyond the mundane and stress of our modern lives.

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