The Gathering of the Shamans

With Alberto Villoldo, don Jose Luiz, and Sandra Ingerman
An Interactive Online Event
Friday thru Sunday December 2-4, 2022

Led by Alberto Villoldo, don Jose Ruiz, Sandra Ingerman, and other leading teachers, this online weekend event is designed to invite you into a deep experience of your own true nature using time-honored shamanic practices.

Using rituals, tools, and wisdom to provide guidance and healing, shamans can see subtle energy patterns that cause difficulty and pain. Under their wise direction, people can learn to quickly shift their perspective, remove stubborn inner blockages, and step into lives of ease, flow, and real magic.

  • Learn a shamanic perspective on how to heal illness on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, and distinguish the difference between “healing” and “curing.”
  • Attend a group healing ceremony using the practice of transfiguration, the core practice of healing with spiritual light work.
  • Discover how to tap into the wisdom and guidance of your ancestors and the wisdom and guidance of thousands of years of human experience.
  • Explore how you can heal the shadow parts of yourself and walk with safety and protection for yourself and your loved ones during these challenging times.

Until recently, shamanic magic was largely lost to the world due to the global surge of science and technology, but the spark of that fire never completely went out. These modern day shamanic teachers have reached back through time to reclaim these practices and integrate them with our contemporary lives.

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