The Art and Science of Shamanism

Finding Freedom and Beauty in Your Exploration of the Unseen Worlds
Global Online Conference with Celine Roche
March 7-11, 2023

Today, we live in an environment separate from Nature, to the extent that we have forgotten that we are a part of Nature. By desacralizing Nature, we have lost connection with its spirit and its healing power. We try to make sense of the world by thinking of it in linear terms to make it safer. Yet in fact, the world is made of infinite non-linear possibilities. It is time to regain our foothold in Nature, to be present to the magnificence of our world and its web of interdependence and connectedness.

Historically, people worldwide have cultivated sacred relationships with their ancestors, asking them for healing, protection, and guidance. When you communicate with members of your lineage who have passed, you can resource radiant energies within your bloodline, clearing your energy field and theirs of intergenerational trauma that affect the living and the dead.

Shamanism is still very relevant today as it resets the place of human beings in the world. Its practice reconnects us with Nature and ancient wisdom in a profound and meaningful way. Together, we will explore the following powerful questions: How to become a human bridge to Nature. How to walk a medicine path. How to honor the shamanic way. How to find freedom and beauty in the exploration of the unseen worlds. And so much more!

Attend The Art and Science of Shamanism Conference created and hosted by Shamans Directory Member Celine Roche

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This is a powerful new global conference, to bring together a diverse and visionary collective of speakers who will offer their expertise and guide us to reconnect with ancient spiritual wisdom, so that we can explore, honor, awaken, and remember our true nature.

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