Talking Circle: Transcending Disappointment

Lessons for Embracing Our Humanness
A Talking Circle With Monica McWhirter
Saturday 08 June 2024
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET

Approximately 3 hours

Whether in our relationships with family members, co-workers, teachers, or friends, all of us have known times of disappointment, confusion, and even betrayal. Human being are not perfect. It is not unusual for us to do this to ourselves, and we call it self-sabotage!

Although none of us escape disappointment, every experience in life arrives to teach us something. It is in these times of disappointment that we need to turn to ceremony, our ancestors, and Spirit to ask for the lessons that these situations have come to reveal to us. It is only through this kind of inquiry, and the teachings that we receive, that we can be restored to balance and wholeness.

Every Talking Circle is also a Healing Circle. We invite you to join us, to share your stories of disappointment and how Spirit has used these opportunities for healing, and to strengthen the work that you do in the world.

This Talking Circle will be facilitated by Shamans Directory Indigenous Liaison Monica McWhirter. Monica is Algonquin, Metis and Polish, Bear and Buffalo Clan, and has facilitated Talking and Healing Circles for over a decade.

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