Shamanism for Inspired Action

From Shamanic Vision To Creation
With Celine Roche
20-24 May 2024

In these times when we are constantly tempted to define ourselves solely through external concepts such as comparison, recognition and competition, we often end up feeling unfulfilled and yearning for another path.

Shamans are the torchbearers of their inner light, taking action motivated by a deep sense of purpose. Shamanism is a way to tap into the creative inspiration that comes from within: the Spirit that we are, leading us to take authentic steps towards what our hearts and souls desire most.

A shaman’s deep connection with the world of Spirit and the living is a testament to what is possible when the invisible realms are acknowledged and honored, and when Nature is loved and celebrated as a part of ourselves. Their discernment and commitment to their shamanic practice offers wisdom and visions which enrich all of our communities and Mother Earth herself.

Join Celine and her brilliant lineup of inspiring speakers from across the globe. Reconnect with your inner wisdom to live in alignment with your spiritual source. Discover how the power of surrendering give each one of us the means to accept our circumstances, create solutions, and welcome miracles!

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