Shamanic Andes Summit

Co-Creating a Heart-Centered World
7th Annual Shamanic Andes Summit
16-22 June 2024
Mindo, Equador

Shaman Portal Founder and Shamans Directory Ambassador Itzhak Beery, warmly invites you on a journey chockfull of spiritual, mystical, and personal healing experiences amongst the breathtaking beauty of the Andes’ Cloud Forest in Ecuador.

This unique occasion allows you not only to intimately connect with master shamans from the Tsachila tribal family of Don Manuel Calazacon, including Taita Yachak Don Jacho Castelo, Yachak Mama Maria Juana, Medicine Man Jose Zambrano, Taita Yachak Itzhak Beery, and others, but also to bond with like-minded individuals from around the world who share a love for Mother Earth and a passion for personal growth and helping others.

You will experience masterclasses with each Wisdom Keeper, special Amazonian/Andean plant medicine ceremonies, Indigenous sound healing, Talking Stick integration circles, forest hikes, time for meditation and rest, visits to Mindo’s artisanal chocolate and coffee makers, a trip to the beautiful Mindo Butterfly Garden, daily Mindo River bathing, Inti Raymi: The Andes Solstice native celebration ... and so much more!

Whether you are new to shamanism or a seasoned practitioner, The Andes Summit will deeply touch your heart and transform your life.

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