Sacred Cacao Ceremony For The Equinox and New Moon

With Cynthia Honores
Saturday March 25, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours 

As above, so below. As within, so without.  

As we enter these major planetary shifts in 2023, a new era of support for spiritual practices is forecast. The intention for our ceremony is that the union of our energies, with the blessing of Spirit, the portal of the Spring Equinox, the New Moon, and the DNA activating power of the sacred plant medicine of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, may bring the continued alchemical healing of our hearts, serving to power up our inner medicine and sacred intentions.

Theobroma Cacao literally translates to ‘food of the gods’, but more than helping us connect with external forces of creation, it is meant to guide our connection to the creative forces inside us. Closely tied with the electro-magnetic current of the Earth, the cacao pod is also reflective of the sacred geometrical pattern of the Seed of Life, from which all patterns of harmony and balance are created.

The cacao pod thus literally embodies the concept of the fruit of wisdom and is a magical supporter and powerful alchemical activator of the highest vibration of our DNA during these catalyzing times.

For this ceremony, we highly recommend working with Ceremonial Grade Cacao. We especially love working with KAKAO, as they are a non-profit with the mission of preserving the sacredness of the Cacao bean.

NOTE: If you would like participate fully, you will want to have a cup of sacred cacao prepared before joining. Ordering information is below. Of course you are welcome to be present without it. If this your first purchase from KAKAO, please use this link for a 10% discount on your first order.

About Cynthia
Shamans Directory Member Cynthia Honores was born in Peru and raised internationally. She is a both a student of the arts and practitioner of shamanic earth-based wisdom. Her passion for the alchemical healing power of plant intelligence led her to Sacred Cacao. She has a Medicinal Plant Certification from Cornell University and has completed the Cacao Facilitator Embodiment training program through the School of KAKAO, under the guidance of Michael and Makenzie McPherson, and the The Mayan Wisdom Project. A woman of many talents, Cynthia has studied Western Astrology since childhood and now has the honored position of being the resident Alchemical Astrologer for Sacred Planet.

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