Psychedelics Summit 2023

With Host Beth Weinstein
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The Psychedelics Summit: Sacred Medicines, Soul Purpose & Business, Integrating Visionary Experiences Into Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship is the fifth annual event, produced by spiritual and psychedelic business coach Beth Weinstein. The summit features 44 thought leaders in the fields of psychedelics, sacred medicines, transformational entrepreneurship, shamanism, spirituality, herbalism, micro-dosing, leadership, astrology, visionary art, and more.

Hear uncensored discussions about how these leaders integrate psychedelic experiences into their purpose to create successful, soul-aligned businesses, make a conscious impact in the world, and do fulfilling work they love. Learn more about various entheogens including, psilocybin, ayahuasca, 5-MeO-DMT, iboga, as well as shamanic journeying, dreamwork, earth medicines, plant and fungi spirits, shadow work, ritual & ceremony, astrology, and sound healing.

The conversations with these leaders will give you actionable insights on how to best work with psychedelics to evolve your soul, integrate your visionary experiences, and help you take steps towards living an aligned path, embodying your soul's purpose, and sharing your unique medicine so you can make a difference in today's rapidly changing world. These Psychedelic Pioneers and Visionary Leaders are living proof that a fulfilling successful life is possible when you follow your heart and live in alignment with your soul.

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